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    PS3 Free DLC and season pass to PS4 problems

      So i'm back again with the same problem.

      How do I get my DLC from the PS3 version of Ghosts on my PS4.


      on the PSN store (pc or on PS4) i can't download it because


      1 for the season pass it tells me that I have it


      2 for the free DLC (which is visible in the store) it tells me I don't own a season pass.


      I tried all the resetting, re-installing but nothing worked.


      as a last resort i called Sony and they tell me a lot of people are having this problem.

      so what is just have to wait, i can live with that.


      but if, by the time the first map pack is released, the problem remains and i would have to pay to get it.

      I would not be a happy guy!!!


      Sony and Activision get your **** together and fix this. at least give us the option (or a free season pass code) to solve this.


      note: I have received a code for the free fall map form a friend. and lord behold that worked (i could download the map with no problem and get in installed. so a work around is not hard.

      AND you can check with Sony if i have a season pass on ps3 they will confirm.

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          Re: PS3 Free DLC and season pass to PS4 problems

          Hey black2death,


          We are aware of some players upgrading to Playstation 4 are unable to obtain their DLC. Playstation is currently working on it. In the mean time, please try the following suggestion that a fellow community member suggested and let us know if that helps!


          1) On the PS4 menu screen go to COD Ghosts

          2) Then got to RELATED ITEMS.

          3) See if you can see the TEAM LEADER ADD-ON

          4) if you can then choose it and download it.

          5) Once it is downloaded the Season Pass should also download to the PS4.



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