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    More cheaters in BO2 now


      Seems as soon as Ghosts came out there are so many more cheaters and noobs black ops miraculously winning by lopsided amounts.

      Why is that? Is it because people don't care any more?

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          I hadn't played in about 3 weeks. I turned the game on last night and was a taken back by the crazy swing from what I had known before. My first Domination match started like this... we capped A, ran to B and fought off a couple enemy players. Then the enemy throws up a VSAT. HUH? Swarm a few seconds later.. WHA? He had 5 kills and 3 deaths, no caps. That's not possible. Lag seemed to be a major factor last night as well. So many guys jumping around the map impossible to kill.


          Also I noticed a lot more... questionable play. I run engineer and we started another match of Domination on the Standoff map. We cap A and as we're running to B I see 3 trophies and 4 shields pop up on the building overlooking B. You all know the one. The stairs go up top and there's an opening to go out on the ledge overlooking B. Yeah. 5 guys all holed up in there for the entire match. Dropping tac inserts, shields, betty's and shock charges. It was laughable. All the guys on my team kept trying to kill them. I capped flags and started throwing my EMPs nearby to get points.


          They played two straight matches like that but for the second game I got smart and adjusted my class to the crossbow secondary. They didn't like me shooting arrows behind them onto the walls blowing them to bits. They then rage quit.

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            Well, do you have a specific scenario that you've experienced....or.....are you just, assuming because they "are miraculously winning by lopsided amounts", they are cheating?


            I just hopped back on Black Ops 2 (from Ghosts) about 2 weeks ago.  Hadn't played BOPS2 since like May and I've been playing as good...if not better than before.  All I play is TDM right now, but I'm 95+ percent of the time #1 in the server with a large difference in kills and deaths.  25-7 type games, consistently.  Some slightly higher or lower.  I'm not telling you this as bragging....but I don't cheat and it begs the question (above) from you.



            Oh and my opinion on Ghosts, although not directly asked...


            I loved it on release.  Played great and I didn't mind the map sizes, although seemingly larger in size.  The late Nov. update has rendered my gaming useless on that game now.  2+ seconds behind and choppy lag.  Black Ops 2 was my Fav. COD and to this point....will remain, until I can enjoy Ghosts again.



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              Seems that way for me. I am seeing players get scores and KD the likes of which I never seen anybody get anywhere near before Ghost came out.

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                  I have been playing a ton of BO2 and have not seen one cheater.  The thing is that there are mainly bad players who like to  run single file into streams of bullets- I am serious.  I have gone to Fast Mags on many classes just to keep up with the slaughter.  I believe that is why you are experiencing "cheat like" games.  It is easy to get big Scorestreaks and you can do it without Hardline.   Anyway, I do not think you are seeing cheating, just high scoring games.

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                  Those who you witness, or suspect, of violating the Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy in-game are to be reported in-game. This is the official and most direct course of action that you can take regarding this issue.


                  Please search before you post.

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