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    Operations Still Broken - ETA on fix?

      What was in the latest title update? The thread that mentions it hasn't been updated yet. I heard it had a fix for the operations, but I just tried it on my Xbox One and it didn't fix the Operations menu. They supposedly have a fix for the Operations (or so I hear) but just wondering when we may expect to use this feature again.

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          Re: Operations Still Broken - ETA on fix?

          Update - I see the patch notes now, and it says "Improved operations functionality" but I still can not access them.  Is there something else we need to do to get it working properly?

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              Re: Operations Still Broken - ETA on fix?

              No its still broken, that's the 3rd time that stupid message has been at the top of an update and I log in and still can't access my Operations...  A month later they have no idea what the issue is or how to fix it.  Supposedly these updates are fixing Operations for some, of course the only person I've ever heard having said that was a forum moderator and personally I know 3 others having the issue and none of us have gotten a fix so unless they are fixing it for 5 people at a time or something I'm guessing not...

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              Re: Operations Still Broken - ETA on fix?

              Hello Lifesong1,


              I know that these issues can be quite frustrating. Infinity Ward are doing their best to get these matters cleared up. Unforeseen circumstances can arise however, and they are doing there best to resolve it.


              And its completely understood that certain members might not agree that their "best" is being done. However I have no experience in development so I can only imagine how difficult something like this is.  I want to see this issued cleared up just as bad as you guys!


              Once again, should I hear any updates I will let the community know.



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