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    Question about recording gameplay

      Hello and thank you for reading.


      Originally I wasn't going to buy this game due to my previous experience with IW's MW3, but I like to make videos of my gameplays and so I hesitantly bought this game.


      Ever since patch 3.4.3, I haven't been able to use any recording software and then began my true breaking point with this game. I won't go into details because I'll just rant and get off topic. I was holding out for a new patch to come along and fix this issue before I started playing it again. Low and behold, a new patch comes out and I'm still unable to get any recording software to work.


      I'm pretty close to giving up since all ideas I've had have failed thus far, so I'm wondering if any of you out there might know of a solution? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for reading.

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