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    Looking for Clan (PS3)

      I'm 1.17 K/D level 10. Always had 1.60 K/D in other games but stopped playing lately, gettin back into it though . Add up my PSN: Vanelay_Ind_

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          your not showing up message me FUIMGR8

          We are looking for members to join us on these platforms. If your interested in becoming a member for ps3 or ps4 contact me if your on xbox contact me through the ghost app or shadowgam3rhd on xbox360. We are a group of friends who enjoying playing ghost and enjoy each others company. So if this is your thing then come and join us. We are US/UK/EU based clan so someone is always on IMMORAL GODS

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            join us old skool gaming if your interested you play ghosts ?

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              if your 21 or older from the usa minds of evil r looking for players message ssmokinjoe on psn

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                Invited you! Look for R3AP3RS see ya soon.

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                  Counter Assault Response $quadron, [CAR$], is a up and coming clan and we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking to build a good base of players, casual and competitive. We've been around for almost a year and so far we are growing w/ some of the most amazing members.

                  We are a level 6 Clan, but ready to hit the level 7 mark, here very soon.  We are in the Platinum Division for clan wars.



                  Come join and play some fun/casual gaming and make some friends or join for some competitive experience w/ gbs,scrims,and tourneys 


                  Must be 16+ years old, have a mic, and be mature. We have no k/d requirements for the clan.



                  Come check us out and apply at:

                  http:// cars. sasonline .us (no spaces)


                  Just register and click on "Join CAR$" and then follow the directions it tells you.


                  (p.s. when filling out the application make sure to say you were referred by)


                  Any questions? Feel free to message me here or on the site "BiggyWill15" or on the PSN my gamertag is "BiggyWill15"




                  CAR$ - Co-Founder