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    Why did they remove the death card from the game?

      Sorry if this has been asked before (as it likely has), but I searched using several different terms and didn't get anything, soooo....


      This isn't a complaint thread.  Just want to state that straight away.  I'm just curious as to why the opponents player card flashing on screen when you killed them was removed from this game?  I haven't played online since the very beginning (only started towards the end of MW2) so every game prior to this one has had it for me.  It's certainly not a huge issue, however as a HC player who has shot someone from across the map and not noticed it in the killfeed I've wasted a lot of bullets more than a few times, haha.


      Again, not a huge issue.  Most of the time I don't notice it.  I was just curious if anyone had heard/read why they decided to make the change?

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          Re: Why did they remove the death card from the game?

          Yeah, that would be nice just to be sure you killed someone. I did notice this with IED's right after you die. If you wait to spawn your old IED will stay active until you spawn but if it goes off while in the kill cam feed, it just makes the hit marker sound. At first I just thought the players able to get away but I noticed that I was indeed killing them. It does say after life when I spawn though....

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