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    Skylanders Collection Vault Bug Report

      Skylanders Collection Vault Bug


      I attempted to enter my entire collection into the vault, all 149 characters, and 11 gave the error message


      "Toy not supported


      The toy you are trying to unlock is not

      supported by this application."


      The Characters with this problem for me are:


      Legendary Lightcore Grim Creeper

      Knockout Terrafin

      Lava Barf Erupted

      Blizzard Chill

      Anchors Away Gill Grunt

      Mega Ram Spyro

      Super Gulp Pop Fizz

      Heavy Duty Sprocket

      Big Bang Trigger Happy

      Twin Blade Chop Chop

      Ninja Stealth Elf


      If there is a better place to submit this bug report I would be happy to submit it, however I was unable to find anything suitable.


      Philip M. Bacchi

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          I'm having the same problem. In addition Gill Grunt (translucent green) from Series 1 registers as a regular Gill Grunt character--also the Special Edition Gill Grunt from Giants is missing.


          Dark Spyro has a number of complaints by quite a few people as well:


          darkSpyro - Spyro and Skylanders Forum - Skylanders: Swap Force - Activision Offers Skylanders Collection Vault App


          In addition, the app crashes often. Sometimes, you don't need to do anything (I was adding figures)...other times it crashed when I tried to play a video.


          Also, some of the video links do not work. An effective sweep and testing it all is in order.

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              I can also attest that all of the chase variants currently in the Collection Vault cannot be entered. The only two that could were White Flocked Stump Smash and White Flocked Eruptor. The other ones don't register because it says I already have that toy registered. It obviously doesn't know how to determine the regular series versions vs. the chase versions---except for these two.


              I can also attest that a given unique figure code cannot be shared multiple times. What are a person's venue to resolve this problem?


              Will Activision confirm these are issues and work on addressing, or are we (as usual) left to our own devices.

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              обратись в супорт стеам

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                I've had the same problem with some of my figures (Super Gulp Pop Fizz, Ninja Stealth Elf, and Knockout Terrafin from SwapForce; Twin Blade Chop Chop and Blizzard Chill from Giants), as well as some other problems I've outlined in another post: Regarding Skylanders Collection Vault on iOS.


                I'm very disappointed in Activision's level of support in this.  I work for a major console game retail company, and will definitely be letting all my Skylanders customers know not to expect any support from Activision should they encounter problems.

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                  Just wanted to add to the group and say I'm getting this error too on Mega Ram Spyro, Blizzard Chill, and Ninja Stealth Elf. I have to say it's sad to hear Activision isn't even acknowledging this issue. I got this game for the PS4 b/c my wife thought it looked fun and simple. We've really enjoyed playing together and have dropped a few bills on getting new characters. Then they tell you to download and app to register your collection but some of the ones we buy are getting that "Toy not Supported" error. What does that even mean they make the toy? It makes you feel like you bought something defective and these aren't exactly cheap running at $10 to $15 a pop. How do kids buy these with an allowance? Maybe I'm just old and remember when my TMNT action figures were $5-$6. Growing up sucks I don't recommend it

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                    I have encountered this problem as well, the app will not accept the code for Heavy Duty Sprocket

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                      I'll add my voice to the chorus.  App didn't recognize Wash Buckler (Color Shift), Boom Jet or Free Ranger for me.  It recognized the other 37 I have fine.


                      They did an update on the app on May 1st, 2014.  With this version (and perhaps earlier versions) I'm able to add Skylanders to the collection without having the secret code or placing the Skylander on the portal.  I just went to the character, hit "I own it", then pressed "no code" under the "From Sticker" option.  Just like that, added to collection.

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                        Just got an Ipad and my 5 year old is having a blast adding all that we have into the collection (not using the codes that takes way too long for a 5 year old.) Seems to work great by just hitting the "I own it" and "No Code".


                        There are a few missing in the list though:


                        Series 1 Drill Sergeant (Walmart Red Exclusive)

                        Series 2 Gill Grunt Metalic Special Edition

                        Series 2 Shroomboom Metalic

                        Swap Force Jade Fire Kraken


                        Also there should be a place to mark the special world stuff such as:

                        DragonFire Cannon

                        Golden Dragonfire Cannon (Gamestop Exclusive)

                        Scorpion Striker Catapult

                        Platinum Treasure chest


                        Empire of Ice: Ice Cave, Anvil Rain and Sky-Iron Shield

                        Dragons Peak: Dragons Peak, Sparx the Dragonfly and Winged Boots

                        Darklight Crypt: Darklight Crypt, Healing Elixir and Time Twist Hour Glass

                        Pirate Seas: Pirate Ship, Ghost Pirate Swords and Hidden Treasure


                        All Special Lays Sidekicks


                        I am sure there are many more things I did not list. My son is a collector freak and does not get why he cant put everything in the app.

                        Please update!!!!

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                            I am having the same problems as Ianmonster. My Jade Fire kraken and Heavy Duty Sprocket (not bought at Best Buy) did not exist on the app to enter a code for.

                            Also, my Enchanted Lightcore Star Strike code sends back an error message that it is a valid code but has no toy connected to it.

                            Another problem I have is we have four people collecting these characters, so we have double copies of a few of them and I am not able to enter codes for more than one. It would be nice to keep track of all of our character pieces as they have different levels and some have different attack paths.

                            As we are still entering characters into the program I am sure we will find more errors and I will post those as they occur.

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                                Hi, I am new to this forum and apologize if my question has been answered. So we have an ipad and trying to add legendary blades into the collection vault, but cannot find the guy. we bought the train expansion pack and they all have codes, but i have no idea how to enter them into the collection vault. any help would be appreciated. also, how do you read the bar codes on the little stickers and what are they for?

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                                    Not one positive review on App Store in several months, and every mention of this app in any forum shows all users experiencing the same issues.  So, they have an app that doesn't work for anyone, and they haven't even tried to fix the issue in months?  If my kids didn't like tthe game so much, I would dump the product as they've provided little to no support for the people spending the money on their product!  And don't even mention the game crashes on the PS4 that cause a loss of all game data....  Poor execution and follow-up Activision!  And even worse, shame on you for not addressing all of the forum posts, support posts, and negative reviews about the product!  Are you hiding, or just incompetent?