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    If my store button was broken instead of my Operations button would it be fixed right now?

      Please do not get this confused, yes I know there are people working on this issue, and I know that no doubt they are doing their best to fix it.  But at the same time I have to live in reality, and the reality is this issue has been going on for well over a month now and up until last week we were still being told by you to do reinstalls and redownload updates, as well as have you continuing to fix this bug in an update.


      Now I'm one person and it took me all of a few days after this started happening to realize this was account related and had nothing to do with our game data, so why has it taken whoevers looking into this over a month just to come to this same conclusion?


      The sorry thing is that like I said if it was the store button instead that was broken I'm sure it would have been fixed in an instant, because it would be costing you guys money and thus the appropriate resources would be allocated to fix it.  In this case it appears since only "a small subset" are affected, and since its just our operations button they put like 2 guys on it while everyone else is busy pumping out more paid DLC.


      I have been a gamer for a long time and I cannot recall for the life of me anything this gamebreaking going on for so long in a game as mainstream as this.  At a certain point someone has to just be able to say "you know what guys everyone drop everything your doing and were not leaving here today until this is fixed" that point really should have come a month or so ago but it appears most of the people in control of this game are only concerned about the bottom line at this point, and to them however many gamers may be affected is apparently an acceptable loss.