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    Why,why,why???? Hackers!!!!!!! Everywhere

      I have a photo copied that shows a player in last kill that has all the perks loaded!!!!!!

      Explain this Activision.

      I was banned 3 years ago by fault in MW2 and Blackops by a virus when updated in steam the .exe of Blackops and MW2.

      And now we still buy games and season pass from the beginning just for what????

      To make them ritch???

      The software and all the software of the planet a including games must have a protection.

      I believe a new protection program must be created,VAC it has problems and so it marked my account twice.

      I am not a hacker but I have a complain that I bought a game today 110€ and it ruins my entertainment that I want to have with this game.

      Release all bans and make a new system of protection and get out of your minds

      the thought that you must have and the legal and the hackers customers.


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