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    Operations Menu Bug - Critical

      Two scenarios that are only problematic with the "First Class Operations" section of Operations:


      [1] Multiplayer > Ghosts Online > Operations

           * Selecting "First Class Operations" sends me to what looks like a lobby waiting for a game, but I am the only one there. It shows 2 maps to vote on, lists "Create a Soldier", "Operations", "Barracks", and "Lobby Leaderboard", and says "First Class Operations" at the top...but does nothing - isn't searching for a game.


      [2] Multiplayer > Ghosts Online > Find Match > Hardcore > Team Deathmatch > Lobby

      * Selecting "First Class Operations" just throws me back to the lobby where I am waiting with other people, but it says "First Class Operations" at the top.


      It happened last night and again this morning.