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    Looking for a clan on PS3

      I am tired of playing with randoms all the time. I tried starting my own clan but that fell through. So I figured I would take a look at what other clans out there are looking for new members. I have a 1.18 k/d, a mic (use sometimes but not always), and mature. Below is what I am looking for in a clan.


      - Maturity

      - Teamwork

      - Participates in clan wars (preferably platinum or gold)

      - Active


      If you are looking for a new member for your clan, reply here or message me on PSN. If you send me a friend request, let me know you are from here,


      PSN : Psychotic-Ways

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          Re: Looking for a clan on PS3

          Pinecrest Posse clan is looking for members. lvl 11 right now. leader is Matty5589 we are all on psn and active also. Gold division

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            Re: Looking for a clan on PS3

            Contact [true] clan founder Arctic_Radar for recruitment. We're in the Platinum division (1st place in LA, 2nd place in Oahu) for PS3. Very active and looking for mature, active players to be part of a very organized and team-oriented clan. We prefer HC games (mainly HC S&R), but active in all formats during Clan Wars.


            You perfectly match all of the requirements - K/D ratio, mic, active, mature.


            Let him know k0o56 sent you.

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