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    Clan War details for your clan on a website

      Many players do not have a smart phone or if they do it may not be compatible and thus are unable to chat with your clan and are unable to view anything going on in regards to the Clan Wars (aside from the modes you have already taken).  The game doesn't specify which target is your primary target and since they don't have a website for these details, much of your clan is likely not helping out as they are really quite clueless about anything related to clan wars. I'm trying to rectify this for some clans. Here's how:


      I've recently updated my site to allow your clan to track it's progress in the clan wars. Here's what you can do in regards to Clan Wars:

      1) Show what game modes are available to everyone in your clan via the website.

      2) Show what your primary target is in the current clan war

      3) Show past history for clan wars so you know the clans you played, how many CP you earned, and what rank you were.

      4) View result data for each Clan war

      5) Ability to use the comments for each clan war's page if you want to post messages for all your clan members to see (especially those without the app).

      6) Ability to show off which Clan War Achievements your clan has unlocked (and those that are locked) including achievement details and images

      7) Ability to track which division you were in for each Clan War


      I'll likely be adding some more features soon as well, but this is a good first step.


      If you are a clan owner and are interested in utilizing this solution, let me know (via a comment) and I'll get you more details on how to use this system.  I'm trying to provide solutions for clans that go above and beyond what COD is making available via their app (which is a bit too limited IMO).