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      im 24, male, British, daily gamer, have mic. PS3


      im looking for a clan where i can chill out and play cod and have a laugh.

      but also have some times of serious gaming.

      i also game every day

      it would be ideal if the clan spoke english and most use mic

      PSN name    bring_on_th_pain  

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          Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

          what's your system mate?
          if you're on PS3, i'm the clan leader of Mes Que Un Clan. We are looking for some members.

          We our from Greece and play 10pm to 3am GMT time. check us out in call of duty app or add me to play a game with later on tonight to decide:)

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            Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

            If youre ps3, add me. Our clan is both laid back and serious at the same time. PSN: The_13th_Plague

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              Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

              If you're on XBOX live and play extinction add me, my gamertag is Fresh2Deathh007

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                Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                Come join Ashes of the Innocent (AoTi).  Go check out our website at http://ai-hq.com  We have divisions for all major systems; XBOX, PSN, PC, and Wii. We will be expanding to PS4 and XBOX ONE upon their respective releases. We have over 60 active members. Both PS3 and XBOX 360 divisions have gold tags. We are listed on the "Top 100 CoD Clans".



                Own Xat Chat (chat where you can talk and get to know other members of the clan)

                Organized rank structure

                Organized forums and user-friendly



                Must be at least 16 years of age or older

                Must have a K/D of 1.00 or higher


                Feel free to submit an application on our website, which is listed above. We are always looking for new members!

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                  Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                  if your looking for a clan that you can chill out with, have fun, and be competitive or non competitive than you should check us out. We are Ionic Gaming. we have 22 members and are ranked 1st in platinum division. You can reply to me here or you can message me on xbox live if you are interested. My gamertag is A Trusty Fox

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                    Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                    CRUE(Motley Crue) is looking for active good players to dominate. We are 50+ members strong on Ghosts and we're looking to fill the last spots with beastly players. A lot of our members are over 2.00 and from all over world. We play for fun and we play to win. We are a brotherhood here at CRUE. And we're looking for the best of the best. Join now for our dominance in clan wars!!!! Only serious gamers apply.


                    XBOX and XBOX ONE ONLY


                    1- K/D of 1.80 or higher but we will make exceptions.

                    2- Must have and use a mic.

                    3- Know how to communicate and play as a team.

                    4- Must play objectives.

                    5- Know how to control maps.

                    6- Only Xbox and Xbox one.

                    7- Must be active.

                    8- Must compete in clan wars.

                    9- The top game types everyone plays is TDM, DOM, KC, BLITZ and CRANKED. You can play what ever you want but those are the top.

                    10- Must be chill and laid back. We don't need rage quitters. Things don't always go your way, but keep calm and your team will back you up and get you back on your feet.

                    11- No BOOSTING. If you get caught boosting, you will be kicked.

                    12- Zero tolerance to name calling. Watch your language, and be careful not to offend anyone. But once you start to play with the members and get to know them you can be yourself. We do not cause problems in lobbies but if you’re in a lobby and someone is provoking you, by all means take the gloves off and handle it as necessary.

                    13- The age is set to be 17 or older. I do give some 14,15 yr old a chance, but I have a rule. It’s the SQUEAKER rule. Which means if the youngster doesn’t know when to shut the hell up and are annoying as **** they get kicked ASAP no questions asked.


                    No more need for lone wolfing or having teammates without mics. Send in an application on the new Call of Duty ghosts app or in game. If you meet or exceed our requirements, you're in. Hit me up with a friends request and application.


                    xCPTxKUSHx -Commander

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                      Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                      (XBOX360) (G3NO) - Genocidal GODS - We are currently 1st In the Platinum division in the clan wars and we are going to win as we are well ahead of the other teams - If you are serious, mature and up for serious gaming but have a laugh with the boys also then this is the clan for you.

                      (Clan Info) Level 15 With Yellow Clan Tags - Clan K/D: 1.81 - Win% 55.00 - 39 Member's. (BO2 - Level 18) (MW3 Level 50 - 52 Gold Streak - Ranking at 2nd place in loads of ops).

                      We are looking for competitive gamers to join the clan - We are a beast clan and we always put 110% into the game - We take clan wars seriously so you will have to be serious about joining.

                      Message me LiGzBrov - Clan Leader or Relq- Co-Leader - We are not to bothered about K.D or what gun you use but you must be a very active player, mature and work well in a team - Also would like to have some more people from outside the UK to join so we can have players going all around the clock - Hit me up and join the boys!

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                        Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                        the Mystik Wolves are recuiting and I would love to have you on our team. We are very laid back and not the greatest clan out their, the highest K/D on the team is 1.40. We want people that love to play because they like the game, not cause they are really good and want to brag about it. If you would like me to send you an invite then message me on xbox, my gamertag is Banished Lady. Oh we also won our clan wars competition, we killed the other clans. We finished with 151 points and the next closest clan had 36 points. We are now in Gold division and I know we will win this clan war comp.

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                          Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                          [.SoLow.] - RECRUITING - XBOX 360 - [.SoLow.]


                          Gold division

                          Won our last can wars by 65+ points a head of 2nd place

                          30+ members

                          Mix of UK and USA payers so nearly always someone to game with

                          All friendly members

                          All members are clan orientated

                          We are in talks to merge with anther clan gaining us 15+ more members


                          give us a look and apply


                          [.SoLow.] - RECRUITING - XBOX 360 - [.SoLow.]

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                            Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                            I'm going to add you. You'd be a great fit for us my friend. I'd like to chat and stuff first obviously but considering half our clan is UK/EU members, you'd fit right in perfectly. We have a nice mesh of US and EU players so there's always someone to play with basically. We're chill but serious. We have fun but want to win. If you get a friend request from WhiteMagic18J? Yeah that's this guy!

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                              Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                              check out Shadow Company HQ. minimum age of 16. no K/D requirements. looking for like minded gamers.

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                                Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                if your looking for a laid back relaxing clan play when you can join Rise2KILL we are 26 members with 10 active right now let me know mili143 is my psn

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                                  Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN
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                                    Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                    If your on PS3, MaW! (Misfits At War!) is the clan for you. We are mostly a US clan but we have British Members and members from all over the world. We always have members on throughout the day so you won't have any problems finding someone to run with. shinigami_ruler is our main recruiter hit him up on psn, or check us out at www.facebook.com/MisfitsAtWar

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                                      Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                      invite sent

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                                        Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                        Counter Assault Response $quadron, [CAR$], is a up and coming clan and we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking to build a good base of players, casual and competitive. We've been around for almost a year and so far we are growing w/ some of the most amazing members.

                                        We are a level 6 Clan, but ready to hit the level 7 mark, here very soon.  We are in the Platinum Division for clan wars.



                                        Come join and play some fun/casual gaming and make some friends or join for some competitive experience w/ gbs,scrims,and tourneys 


                                        Must be 16+ years old, have a mic, and be mature. We have no k/d requirements for the clan.



                                        Come check us out and apply at:

                                        http:// cars. sasonline .us (no spaces)


                                        Just register and click on "Join CAR$" and then follow the directions it tells you.


                                        (p.s. when filling out the application make sure to say you were referred by)


                                        Any questions? Feel free to message me here or on the site "BiggyWill15" or on the PSN my gamertag is "BiggyWill15"




                                        CAR$ - Co-Founder

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                                          Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                          Pinecrest Posse is looking for new gamers. Matty5589 is leader and were lvl 11

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                                            Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                            It's a long shot seeing as you already have so many replies, but we are a small new clan looking for more members. Most of our members play daily and we are all british (all from the south). We all have mics and have a great laugh together when we are not having serious sessions. We also branch out into a bit of Extinction and a bit of BLOPS Zombies when we fancy a little break from Ghosts, but all in all we just love having a good time.


                                            If you're interested, we are JK2A. Add Smileey409 .

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                                              Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                                              Just because, im gonna reply months later


                                              [TEAM ELEOS] [PS3] [WORLDWIDE] [CLAN WARS]

                                              RECRUITING NOW!

                                              5:28 PM


                                              This Clan is for people who want to get the most out of Ghosts, have fun, and kick ass.

                                              ACTIVE CLAN!


                                              Clan Wars Antarctica; 8 nodes held, 230 CP

                                              Clan level: 12

                                              Members: 7

                                              Requirements are pretty simple;

                                              You need to have a mic

                                              You need to have a K.D. ratio above 1

                                              Be friendly and competitive

                                              Speak English

                                              We're looking for more members, improving our play styles, playing clan wars, and leveling up the clan, if you play often and well enough you will be a Lieutenant Commander.

                                              We have a reliable and friendly team, online everyday.

                                              Your race, sex, religion, and nationality don't matter.


                                              If you're interested reply, then add  Takritos on PSN for a clan invite A.S.A.P.

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                                                Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                                                Check out Lunatik eSports at this link to our ad on here:



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                                                  Re: LOOKING FOR PS3 CLAN

                                                  Nightmare Saints are open for recruiting. We are lvl 20 with about 20 members . We are a platinum winning clan one more and we move to diamond. For more info invite psn KiLLn-Sh_T or apply on app. Thank you

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                                                    Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN

                                                    [Axi$] Axi$_elite (lt.comander,soilder)on request

                                                    Call of duty advance warfare PS3 ps4

                                                    Clan Axi$_elite enrolling for ltcomander

                                                    And members

                                                    Submit your applications to Axi$_elite

                                                    Or give us your ID and we will Send you a request.

                                                    hope to see you soon

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                                                        Re: LOOKING FOR CLAN


                                                        Axi$_elite (now recruiting ps3 and ps4)

                                                        we are a new and ambitious clan ready to make it big.

                                                        at axi$ we will ensure that your game play improves through our team work.

                                                        we will accept you no matter what playing style you have or how old are you.

                                                        if you join you will be involved in all management decisions and your opinion will be equally important as everyone else's. Hope to see you sooN

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