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    Any fix on the commander issue?

      Just looking to keep updated. wondering if the roster problem in the clan part of cod app was fixed or not.  I want the problem resolved ASAP without making a new clan. Let me know please, thanks.

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          Hi Bangbangbunny,


          Can you please try creating a new Call of Duty account with a new email address, and link your online id to the new account? The clan will transfer over with you to the new account, so don't worry about losing it. Some users are reporting that this has worked for them, so give it a try, and let us know!



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              Ok work with me here then, because I can't seem to do this.

              On the game AND app I was a soldier, so I left the clan on the game, which kicked me from it on the app.

              However, I'm still the "Commander" on the screen for my members.

              So as of right now I'm not in any clan, but its glitched saying that I'm stuck as a commander.

              I want to be able to have the controls of the commander, so what do I need to do.


              (Step by step process would be nice haha, I'll help spread the word too.)

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                  Hey Bangbangbunny,


                  If you left the clan, there is no guarantee to regain control of your clan. You can try the following:

                  • Go to the Call of Duty website (www.callofduty.com)
                  • There should be a login button in the top right corner of the screen, click that
                  • Enter your account credentials
                  • In the upper right corner of the screen you should see a gear, hover over the gear, and select "Profile"
                  • On this page you should see the system banner on the right, hover over your system and unlink your account
                  • Clear you web browser cache and cookies
                  • Log back and access your profile
                  • Hover over your system banner again, and now link your account.
                  • Play a multiplayer match

                  You can also try to create a new email address, and sign up for a new call of duty account. With your new account, like your system id, and check again in game.


                  Let us know if that helps!