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    [PS4] Cannot Play Multiplayer after Patch

      I cannot play Multiplayer after the recent patch release (1.08).  I have tried the following:


      1. Delete Game Data - Reinstall

      2. Rebuild database, Delete Game Data - Reinstall

      3. Try new PSN account, reinstall

      4. Wired connection to cable modem (50mb/15mb - UP/DOWN)

      5. Enable DMZ on router for PS4 IP address

      6. Swap out PS4 3 times

      7. Swap out disc 2 times

      8. Buy digital copy of the game (can't even play sinlge player - disc image read errors)


      As soon as I select Multiplayer from the main menu, one of three things happens:


      1. Hit "Multiplayer" and instantly crashes taking me back to XMB home screen

      2. Get into "Multilplayer" sub menu, and crashes (black screen) when trying to download user profile

      3. Get into "Multilplayer" sub menu, hit X fast to try to get into game, then studders and crashes (black screen)


      I have open tech tickets with Sony, Avitision and Gamestop.  Was my account banned or something?


      Please help. PSN user name is: vshasta21



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