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    Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part II)

      I least left you with my typical start of the match procedure; getting a good vantage point over the popular traffic routes and then preparing for the flankers.


      After this initial start to the match things aren't exactly as routine. When the enemy gets spread out from their starting spawn I have to start trying to control the map forcing the enemy into a position I want them too. This is difficult in matches such as TDM where the spawns are constantly adjusting based on where teammates and enemies are. However, in an objective based gamemode like DOM it's a bit easier to control the map as the focus is usually on three points (A, B, and C flags).


      Let's start with map control in DOM.


      It's usually in the teams best interest to have a camper somewhere near the home flag. This is an incredibly useful teammate as spawntrapping is a big issue you want to avoid. Having someone securing your spawn point allows you the peace of mind to focus on the B or C rather than fighting your way out your home.


      Another reason why I camp the home flag is for the guaranteed points and forcing the enemy not to flip. If I'm occupying the only auxiliary spawn the enemy has I can kill the one or two who guys after a spawnflip and keep the enemy spawning on their home flag or somewhere else. This means that my home flag stays my home flag and points will continue.


      Camping the home flag though isn't map control, it's just sustaining. It helps and if you're not 100% on what you're doing it's a good start, but at some point in time a camper needs to move forward. Fortunately, most maps have a spot that allows you quick access to your home flag as well as give you a good look over 'B'. In some cases you may even have direct lines of sight to both. By being able to secure both flags and keeping them in your teams control this give your teammates the opportunity to focus on the forward-most third of the map.


      After establishing map control I next begin cycling through various camping spots. Though camping involves not moving for periods of time that doesn't mean that you can't move around, infact, often times not moving the whole map results in getting killed a lot. Instead I usually choose between 3 or 4 spots and create a movement pattern where I hit one spot, get a few kills, then move to the next.


      Priority #1 for me is to make sure that I always keep the enemy in front of me. You can't control the map if the enemy is surrounding you. In basketball defense is often taught to use the sidelines and baselines as an extra defend. You can apply the same concept in any FPS. The enemy can't flank you from outside the map, obviously, so putting it behind you keeps all the action in front. Most of my camping spots are long lines of sight that are located near the edge of each map.


      By cycling through my various spots I can make sure that I'm not exposing myself to unwanted attention and I can keep the enemy guessing. With my stealth perks I can go through the match flanking the enemy from a safe distance allowing me to lock down as much as 50% of the map. That's 50% less space the enemy has to move about and this allows the rest of my team to only worry about the other 50%. I'm also securing a safe place to spawn and making sure that we never lose a flag guaranteeing points.


      Now let's discuss TDM map control.


      I know you're probably exhausted by now reading all this so I'll be brief. In TDM map control is not guaranteed. Instead of trying to control the whole map it's usually best to find just a couple areas to lockdown. In Team Deathmatch there's no objective but to kill the enemy more times than you die. To do this, and to do so in a way that your team can appreciate your contribution I would recommend finding a spot that is the highest traffic area but enough to keep the action up tempo. In TDM the score to win is 75. Divide that by 6 people and you're looking at 12.5 kills per person. To keep the team happy I would shoot for 16 kills and less than 8 deaths. this means you did your job without hurting your team.


      How to do you do this?


      If you can find a good camping spot where you're engaging the enemy constantly then the rest of your team has no room to complain. However, finding these spots can be tricky. The same concepts apply for TDM as they do for DOM or any other objective mode. You want to find a spot that gives you the largest field of view. Things I look for are high elevation, minimal access points, and a good hiding spot to allow me to surprise anyone who trespasses.


      Map control is probably the single most important tactic in combat. If you can control the map then your basically manipulating the enemy's movement. MW3 had the easiest maps to control, they weren't too big giving the enemy a vast range to move around you and they weren't small like Black Ops II where the enemy was spawning behind you. If you want to practice one man map control that's the game to get the basics down.


      The next topic on camping I would like to discuss is improving your life expectancy without hiding. Some things I would like you to contemplate is how do you mange your time when rushing? Are you constantly fighting and engaging the enemy or are you spending a lot of time running around to find the enemy? Something that is often not realized by those who hate campers is how often they're actually shooting their opponent. When I camp I average just as many kills as a full-blown rusher if not the most on the team. Some of my best games I can double the kills as the rest of the lobby...but I'm "hiding in a corner". This misconception leaves people to believe that I'm not playing the objective. Ask yourself, how can I possibly finish a map with twice as many kills if I'm not near the objective?

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          1. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

          2 points...


          1. You gave plenty of examples of how you control a 2 cap in a Domination game, but once again gave no insight into what you should do should you find yourself being 2 capped yourself.  Further reinforcing what I said earlier, you most likely sit back, lose the game, preserve your k/d and blame your teammates for the loss.  God forbid there is someone doing the exact same thing as you on the other team, in your eyes then due to both of you being so very "useful" no one will ever get B and the game will be a draw right? (this isn't a farfetched scenario every lobby has a terrible camper with another camper just as terrible on the other team)


          2. All of your scenarios really assume for weak opposition with little to no communication at all.  A camper is 1 call-out away from death every time.  Call-outs that rarely come against their normal opposition.  Some of your "best games" probably came against 3 sets of split screeners...


          I thought of this last night when my clan faced another clan of 3+ k/d trash talking campers... 3 games later they decided to dashboard.  Every single game not a single person on my team was anywhere close to positive, and we won each by a wide margin.  I personally went 25-40 and was happy too as everyone of those deaths was necessary to achieve a win.  You campers can have your kills, ill take wins any day.

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            2. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

            I think it's extremely funny how you provide this insight into the camping mindset and give us a highly detailed explanation of COD tactics. You probably want us to think your some kind of COD master tactician. It shows you have no life and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands. It's also a sign you take something as simple as a videogame way too serious. Maybe you should get out more and interact with the world.

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              3. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

              Palm76 wrote:

              It's also a sign you take something as simple as a videogame way too serious. Maybe you should get out more and interact with the world.

              Yet you took the time to come onto the forum and write this...

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                4. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                I love how you keep saying that if I happen to lose a match it's basically all my fault. Let's ignore the fact that 9/10 I'm leading the whole match in defends further proving my worth to the team. Also I make it very clear in my post how to approach the game, win or lose. If you don't want to take the time to comprehend what I wrote I suppose you would get your idiotic impression of campers.

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                  5. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                  What a pathetic post, why are you here exactly?

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                    6. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                    So, you say he has no life for trying to help people. Yet you take the time to find his post, dissect it, then spew some random crap about it. Who seems more like the social outcast?

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                      7. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                      If 40 deaths were necessary to achieve a win, you or your team were doing something wrong.

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                        8. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                        I said something to this same effect in another post. It doesn't matter though, he's fully convinced himself that he's perfect. Getting caps is the one and only priority. If you're not capping then you're hurting the team. Nevermind the fact that a camper is holding the flags and defending them. Never mind the fact that a camper is providing a safe spawn. God forbid a camper has a bad game. You lose some games, that doesn't mean that one player was reason.


                        Regardless, there's no excuse for 40 deaths. That's just stupid gameplay.

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                          9. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                          C'mon, guys! Let's not forget that the self-righteous "rushers" are always in the right. LOL! Never mind the fact that the biggest fallacy in the game involves "rushers"accusing other players of camping even though accused player, who happens to be a rusher too, just happened to not be foolishly running down ab open choke-point when they killed the accuser. Nothing short of know nothing, megalomaniacal fools.

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