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    Riot Shields - Fix them and nerf them.

      There is currently a glitch where somebody can land a one hit kill with the riot shield. I have no idea how but when it happens, it looks like they just knifed me, but it shows up as a riot shield kill. This needs to be fixed because going into a fight with someone with a riot shield close range is PRETTY dumb, but having the ability to block bullets and still knife effectively is absolutely stupid and needs to be fixed.

      The other problem is I think the switch speed for these to secondaries is to damn fast. There have been times where our team surrounded a riot shield user, most of the time two or three against one. He can switch to his pistol and kill most of us faster then we can kill him, even though he would normally be at a disadvantage. I think the riot shield should buy you time to run away or for your teammates to arrive if you got into a situation like this. Not to become the bane and fear or most people. The secondary situation also applies to lethals. You shouldn't be able to clear a room that is trying to find a way to kill you. Maybe if you camped and took it out early, but not if you realized their were other people in the same room as you and poked RB or R2 to launch a bomb ready to detonate without any consequences.

      This is my opinion for this, I would like to hear what the rest of you think of the shield in Ghosts. Nerf? Buff? Anything you think should be changed about it say it on this thread.