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    Issues with DLC, Store, Free Fall Map and downloadable character

      Issues with DLC, Store and Free Fall Map. I preordered CoD: Ghost and recieved a Season Pass, Team Leader DLC pack, Free Fall Map pack and CoD: Ghost Character DLC. When I first put the disc in the PS4 it ran smoothly with online capabilities. then I typed in the 3 codes for redemption, they seemed to download and install fine. Then I launched the game again to check I got everything, First i checked the patches, player card and background. both the teamleader pack and the FreeFall stuff got download fine. Then I proceeded to try and look for this 'playable character' I looked around everywhere and couldn't find it. So i thought i'll go online to check on PSN store if it downloaded, then i noticed next to the DLC it says PS3 compatibility. This means it literally has no use for me which I feel quite disapointed about. I then moved on to try and play freefall map on lan/local in multiplayer. I was so happy I found the map in the extra maps section, and thought great it downloaded fine. However I proceeded to play the map just to make sure, but when it was loading a green and orange checkered background appears for a few secs then a black screen comes up and the next thing it says is that the content package is no longer available. Now I am really dissapointed with this. Ive been trying to uninstall and reinstall the map pack. But still won't work. Next thing is that I saw the christmas camo was available to download, so I enter the store menu, hoping I can just download it straight off. But instead the screen is just stuck on 'fetching store information'. I had really high expectations from this game. However from all these problems i feel like i have been robbed from my money and misleaded. Please can you help me solve atleast 1 of these problems. regards IGN: jansenma

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