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    [PS4] Can't download free fall or any other content

      So, updated the game on the 29th, PS3 to PS4. Couldn't access my content then. Figured it was the servers and left it.


      So I'm trying to get Free Fall and my Team Leader pack. Both say "Unavailable" and the reason is because I don't have the season pass. I go to the Season Pass and I can't buy it because "You already own the Season Pass". What is it? My PS4 has schizophrenia?


      I have paid out £80 for this game and I have half the content. It says in my services list that I HAVE ACCESS TO THE SEASON PASS. Why can't I download my content? I've tried on the PSN store in game (endlessly loops searching for content), the actual PSN store on the PS4 console, the PSN store on the PC.


      I've looked through the 'solutions' on here, I've reinstalled it multiple times, I've restarted my router, I've activated my PS4 - everything. I want my content that I've paid for.

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          Re: [PS4] Can't download free fall or any other content

          Hey Rossgeller1942,


          We are aware of some players upgrading to Playstation 4 are unable to obtain their DLC. Playstation is currently working on it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you. We will update the community once we get more information. In the mean time, please try the following suggestion that a fellow community member suggested and let us know if that helps!


          1) On the PS4 menu screen go to COD Ghosts

          2) Then got to RELATED ITEMS.

          3) See if you can see the TEAM LEADER ADD-ON

          4) if you can then choose it and download it.

          5) Once it is downloaded the Season Pass should also download to the PS4.



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            Re: [PS4] Can't download free fall or any other content

            Hi Rossgeller,

                                   i have the same issue i have spoken with activision whom asked me the same question 6 times during the chat session , it appears they don't know what the issue is , the activision chat person said to contact playstation which i did i am still wait a week for a response

            dont delete anything as its a waste of time and your monthly download and the reply you got doesn't work from activision . Battlefield 4 maker are now in legal trouble as they can't supply why they promised basically there servers , but it appears that activation may be also facing a class action as some web based conversation are commencing to say .


            i truely Playstation & Activision should work this item out as the ps4 IS NEW AND IS THE NEW FLAG SHIP ON PSN . Or they should start to think about refunding both the digital download cost to us an additionally the season pass price such as what ICE is now doing to save their butts legally.

            it appears that nothing will fix this until someone in there nice tower from PSN does something.

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                Re: [PS4] Can't download free fall or any other content

                The real problems here is Sony, they are woefully understaffed with regards to customer service and the tech guys behind the store, not to mention they are relatively incompetent. The amount of posts i've seen on the PS Blog about items not available, or being removed accidentally, or the wrong price showing, or no discount applied is ridiculous. Coupled with the fact that everyone who contacts Sony seems to say Sony have no idea of this problem and have ridiculous "investigation" procedures that seem to take forever.


                Sony know about this problem and as far as the mods are making out Activision can do no more, these issues have been known since the PS4 release.


                Here's an example, we can't access freefall because it has some association with the season pass, which is non existant in actuality. Get Sony to remove this association and we can download freefall. It's a simple fix, why is this not being done? Is it because Sony don't realise this? Are their investigation procedures that time consuming? I suspect they are understaffed to the max and this issue is on the backburner.

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                Re: [PS4] Can't download free fall or any other content

                Well, I've progressed now. I managed to download the Season Pass and the content as a result.


                I don't know if Sony/Activision fixed it, but I tried restoring the licences just before I attempted to download anything. To anyone else having this issue, try downloading the Season Pass


                Easiest way is is press the PS button, go to Call of Duty Ghosts, press down to go to Related Items and Season Pass should be registering as Free. After it's downloaded, do that again and download the Team Leader and Free Fall content. You will need to download the Season Pass (which will be marked as Free) before you can access the Free Fall and Team Leader content.


                If you still can't download it, try restoring licences. As far as I can tell, it's had no untoward effect and I can access my PS+ content (and other games) as before.


                To restore licences:


                Press the PS Button

                Press up on the dpad

                Press right to go to settings

                Select it, then select PSN in the settings menu

                Select Restore Licences


                Follow the steps above to download the Season Pass. Hopefully that'll sort it for everyone else.

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