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    BO and WaW maps on BO2.

      Of course this has been discussed but, they should've at least released them in BO2. I mean I know they won't be able to find a good price to bundle it and a lot of people would play those instead of the others but it begs the question, why couldn't they just sell them in both a bundle and/or something to buy separately like they did with Nuketown Zombies. It would've been nice mowing down American Zombies with the HAMR as JFK or using killing Zombies with the Ray Gun Mark II on Moon. At least start a vote to pick at least maybe 4 or 6 maps from BO and WaW make it to BO2 (also they should put the guns from their respective games on the box along with the new guns, also they should put the original characters from the maps like what they did in BO). Also remaster the Easter Eggs songs and maybe give you a code for the new Zombies soundtrack. I'm probably saying to make this a little similar with BO but they gave you a great things for buying Rezurrection (4 Zombies maps and a full soundtrack which would generally cost about another $15 dollars in a CD store who couldn't resist???). This probably would've ended BO2 as greatly as BO (the difference is that we got not-so-impressive maps as in WaW and BO).