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        70. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 1)

        Have any of you ever used the Zen Master  play style? Basically how you use it is you can never sprint ever even at the beginning of the game you sprint at all until the game ends. You also have to keep moving no matter what but keep in mind it doesn't matter how slow you move. You also need an IED to set behind you when you are walking in the open. Another thing that you have to do for this play style to be successful is never ever use lethal score streaks it can never have the ability to kill an enemy. It's actually pretty fun to be honest you will also need Scavenger and Dead Silence with Amplify and an unsuppressed weapon. You have to keep things slow and patient as well. So let me know how you do using this play style I have used it before and it works lol.

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          71. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

          Are campers still ruining peoples lives, I mean game, I mean lack of game?

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            72. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

            Based on the hate mail I received a few days ago I'm going to go with yes.

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              73. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

              hey m8, even though i'm sure you might not like what i have to say, i honestly assure you that i'm not out to troll you, but to express my opinion over your write, as i feel the need to do so...


              imo, you do exaggerate in your write a bit, as i believe that some things you mention you do are sugarcoated...to use the words "smart" and "camp" in one write is to me already a paradox as it is...


              first, what you call tactical is to me just a use of advantage over bad/stupid/rookie gamers, as it's mostly them you benefit of, as i can tell from my own experience that i mostly have absolutely no problems with campers and as what i see, in addition, they are often the ones that are on the loosing team-side, as campers sometimes can get kills, but are missed to put pressure on the enemies...


              second, i also strongly doubt in your words, when you talk about camping-"routes", as i believe that in reality it is nothing more, than just changing the position from one corner to another in a radius with mostly max. 8 feet and i believe i know well, as i do too sometimes, when i'm bored or having a terrible spawn-dead day...sure, it needs some understanding, when time has come for this position-changing, but an experienced player with good instincts realizes when it's time...but, the reason why i avoid to call it "smart" will follow soon...first i want to get deeper into my statement, as i pay a visit too in the mind of a camper...when game starts, a camper fast takes position at one of his experienced, well-known-camping spots...when (as said above) he plays against bad/stupid/rookie gamers he sure will get some kills at the first wave, but! i doubt that then he takes a route and moves on...no! he simply just changes his position on another corner or whatever, waiting 3 feet away for the second wave, the angry bad/stupid/rookie gamers that will come for revenge, just to surprise them with a banal "tactic" switch, and then take them out again...and now one of my points...if your enemies are good players, they simply nuke you out of your spot or remove you from your "tactical" position, something i'm very well in ,)...if they stupid, they come the same way you love them to appear, BUT! what would happened if everyone would play like that? probably we would have draws with 0-0 lol, because it's unlikely that one from a corner meets the other corner-camp-nooby^^ so, that's where a camper benefits of and what i think is the real truth and where you exaggerate when you talk about moving, using routes or being smart ,)


              when i started CoD back then with MW1, i surely was cannon fodder at the beginning for the more experienced gamers, so, i had to find a tactic for my success...the tactic was simple, camping^^ and yes, i used the position-3 feet-changing from start, idk, for a strange reason i didn't need experience to realize it's good^^ so, there i was, a camper, not the worst by using brain 1.0, becoming successful, improving my k/d...but with more and more time in game, i somehow got bored with this tactic, i took the next step in my CoD-gaming-development, i started to move a bitand was surprised how much more it needs to check, totally different without the use of a hidden spot, the safety of my back, covered by the edge and the need to look around more, than simply watch nearly only one direction :_) sure was hard, needed time to adapt to it, but, managed it very well


              and now, having a k/d faaaar above average, getting 30 kills and dying 5-10 average (except when the worst spawn-system ever has to be beaten as worst opponent too and i have to fight and use my all to make it nevertheless a good positive game), getting 10 flags - 18 k/c-tags average, as playing as a run&gunner!!! i simply believe that with your words you simply make the "camper" bigger as he is! sry :_)


              to get success like that by playing run&gunner needs a little more than waiting for stupid/bad/rookie gamers to cross your path, killing them from a wimpy spot, a trap used for unexperienced gamers that are FAR MORE than the good ones...and if you call what you do "smart"! then i guess, people like me need a new word to describe what we do! as it takes much more than what you do! as a successful run&gunner is machine-like, using superb reflexes, instinct by NOT ONLY checking obvious spots, BUT checking EVERYTHING around him, 360°!!! so please, understand, when i don't take your write that serious and disagree that it's what you try to make it! as there are many writes about camping, but nearly NONE about rushing/run&gunning, as i believe it's the campers that need writes like that to feel more legit ,) but don't get me wrong, to me, i believe it is as legit as any other gaming-style, but simply believe that a camper, even the good ones, will NEVER experience the skill you'll need to be a successful run&gunner, who's on a totally different level and as it's an insult to compare him to "smart" campers lol ,)


              as said, no offence, just my opinion...sry for my crappy english, but fortunately in CoD, i'm able to let my game do the talking ,) stay the best every1 and thx

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                74. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

                p.s. it is as you said yourself, the camper already has his tactic in mind before game start...an idea of all spots he will "camp"^^ but! a run&gunner has to adapt to games IN GAME! changes tactics within seconds! needed to do machine-like to be successful! while the camper just makes round trips, travelling through the maps, chilled and relaxed, trudging round all his well-known-spots to take seat in his comfortable-zones just an add to show further, why it's a joke to compare 'good' campers with 'good' r&g's ,) as i believe too what i said before from experience, as it's the often the campers on the loosing teams, rather than the r&g's ,)

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                  75. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

                  p.p.s. to change position by using routes, of what i believe more it is what i said before, simply changing the corner, using this banal tactic, to get the gamers mentioned before, again, as there's no reason for a m8 with a bit human sense to give up on this banal tactic, taking advantage of the circumstance that they WILL come back, is nothing special nor smart...it's simply human sense and not being "average-stupid"^^

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                    76. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

                    There are campers, as you said, that camp and then after each kill move a few feet. However, I find them extremely rare. Most campers will camp a spot and at the first near death experience will move somewhere else. Also, by now most should be well trained on dealing with these types of campers and it shouldn't be an issue taking those kind out or to learn to just leave them alone. I consider those type of campers no different than the rusher who sprints to 'B' over and over without regard for the same guy who kills him each time before he even makes it to the flag.


                    This being said, you're right. This type of camper isn't smart and really isn't using much of a tactic. Assuming this type of player chooses a random house or room of no significance to the game then all he's doing is playing his own individual game of Call of Duty.


                    This threads purpose though was to teach players either how to camp properly so they don't screw their team over being the player you mentioned and also give some light on how to think like a camper in hopes of understanding how they play. This is how I camp, this is how Izjar11 camps, and this is how most campers I play with camp. The problem with our tactics is that we're also looked at through the same microscope you looked at the above player. We will camp a spot out for a few kills and on top of taking guys out through a window we also sense when the enemy will come to look for us. We'll take a couple out at the door and soon as we get a break in the assault we'll move on to the next spot.


                    So it might seem like we're only concerned with ourselves and taking aim at a door the whole match when really we just know someone is coming. This is where the smarts come into play. You have to know when to stay and exploit a good position and know when that position is becoming a burden.


                    Also note that I rush a lot too. I don't just camp. Ghosts, believe it or not, is not as camper friendly as most make it out to be. There are so many flanks and vantage points you have to concern yourself with that you can't just pick a spot to hold out for a while. So instead I rush around and occasionally stop to camp rather than camp and occasionally go off rush.


                    The ironic thing about Call of Duty is that they tempo at which the game moves leaves the opposing speed-oriented players at an advantage. Black Ops II is regarded as a rusher friendly game yet I had an immense amount of success at camping. Ghosts is considered a camper friendly game and yet I find more success with rushing. Why? Most players travel the route of least resistance. Most players are lazy and do not want to put much effort out. Skilled players and challenge seekers find potential in the route that few take (that route being rushing or camping) and know that if they can learn how to properly do this in a game that has so much against it they can be hard to stop. 

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                      77. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

                      ghamorra wrote:



                      This is how I camp, this is how Izjar11 camps,

                      stop animated GIF

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                        78. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

                        hmm, maybe i underestimated the tactical thoughts of the one or other camper and see them all as the same, but believe you are right, when stating that on both sides of the gaming-styles there are smart gamers and not, that's for sure...what i tried to say is that i simply believe that it's harder to be a good run&gunner rather than being a good camper, but at the end, i 'm maybe not that right to judge about it, as i don't know that well of the other gaming-style...i also used the word run&gunner over rusher for a reason, as i believe the first isn't that kamikaze-like-gaming than the rusher^^ also want to say, that after reading your write the second time i realized that it's not exactly that camper-glorifying as i felt it by the first read, but that's thx to my lack of english-skills^^


                        agree about what you said and what you stated when speaking about bo2 and ghosts, as it is as you say...but nevertheless i see something, that truly makes ghosts more camper-friendly than bo2, and that's the spawn-system...as one who plays fast, mostly run&gun, i experience very often that it's very hard to deal with this system, as you too often have to not only fight enemies, but a broken spawn-system too, as it feels often that it could be much more comfortable to simply camp, but i guess, that's another story...


                        however, what ever the case is, there's something that applies to everyone...to be successful, you have to beat everyone...even campers or rushers so keep it up ,)

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                          79. Re: Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

                          HA HA HA   L M F A O XDDD omg, you crazy m8 xDDD

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