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    18 y/o PS4 gamer wants to join a clan. Have mic and 1.65 k/d

      Hey guys.


      Im 18 and love to game. I have a social life too haha. Play soccer... got a girlfriend. 1.65 kill/death. 20+ hours so far on Ghosts. 107th in Domination. I have a mic. If you guys wanna play and let me join your clan then hit me up... @gojaam

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          Re: 18 y/o PS4 gamer wants to join a clan. Have mic and 1.65 k/d

          Currently recruiting new members!
          Come join us!


          DK’s basic principles can be summed up in 5 words:


          HONOR the game and the players


          RESPECT everyone


          LOYALTY to your fellow clan mates


          MATURITY to know right from wrong


          TEAM WORK to ensure a well-played game



          DK is a multi-platform, multi-cultural gaming community filled with people enthusiastic about the games they play. Founded in 2008 by 9 individuals striving for more than just a run of the mill gaming clan. They founded DK following their main tenants of honor, respect, loyalty, maturity, and team work. Now in 2013, DK is home to over a hundred active members! We look to evolve and become an even better clan than before!



          We also give the opportunity for others to start up games and use our forums, website and our marketing/recruitment team help build their games.



          We've just celebrated our 5 year anniversary! We've won 8 Championships on PS3 and XBOX






          [] XBOX Division [DK]


          Call of Duty : Ghosts


          -Core US/CA Team


          -Hardcore Team


          -Core UK Team



          [] PS4 Division [DKGC]


          Call of Duty : Ghosts


          Battlefield 4


          DC Universe



          [] PC Division [DKC]

          League of Legends

          Diablo III


          What we offer:


          • Friendly Scrimmages


          • A great set of Ally Clans


          • Inter-clan Tournaments


          • Private and Public Forums


          • Daily/Weekly Practice Sessions


          • Plenty of ways to stay connected


          • An open and mature environment


          • Participation in Public Tournaments


          • A group of dedicated game leaders and staff members



          And much more!



          What we require from you:


          • Must be at least 16 years old to apply


          • The ability to remain level-headed and calm during high-stress situations


          • Must have access to a communication device in tandem with your gaming console or PC



          Interested? Want more info? Please visit our forums!



          Exciting Community Forums - Premium Flash Website




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            Re: 18 y/o PS4 gamer wants to join a clan. Have mic and 1.65 k/d

            Hey man, ADD Fresh-E92 (ps4)

            Our clan is starting out our site www.violentinstinct.com

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              Re: 18 y/o PS4 gamer wants to join a clan. Have mic and 1.65 k/d

              Ashes of the Innocent





              PlayStation 3/4


              Xbox 360/ONE


              Please visit our main site to learn how to join and become a member of AoTi


              Requirements to join:

              - Must be at least 16 years of age.

              - Have at least a 1.00 kill/death ratio upon the point of applying for AoTi.

              About Us:

              Ashes of the Innocent [AoTi], has been around since the World at War days.  Believe it or not, that's going on 5 years now.  Currently, we have over 60 active members that interact as one, big family on a daily basis.  From the United States to Europe, our members span the globe and bring a unique diversity to AoTi.  We have excellent leaders throughout each division that are constantly striving to make AoTi the best clan it can be.  To show our commitment, we've been ranked within the Top 100 CoD Clans and continue to be one of the top clans in the business.  The members of AoTi focus on community.  Yes, we are a competitive gaming clan, but we are also much more than that.  We are family and hope that you will choose to become a member of our family too.

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