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    Why so many hackers so soon?

      Am I the only one out there?


      The numbers of the players and games going on right now is pretty dismal and while I really like the game so far...


      The obvious hacking going on has made me log off more than once.  The game has only been around a month and the hackers OPENLY brag about hacking and offer the URL of the websites and it seems like you see one or two every game doing it.  Its getting to the point where I will no longer play and regretting purchasing the game in the first place. The word will get out and the current dismal numbers will continue to remain dismal...who would want to play a game where everyone is cheating.


      I mean c'mon, already hacked the game in the first month?  Why didn't the developers plan for this in the first place and why aren't they fixing it? Did the same folks behind the Affordable Health Care website develop BOG?


      Am I the only one out there?  If enough of us complain, maybe they will do something about it.

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          just stop playing like the rest of us smart legit payers. devs do nothing so never buy their products again

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              I won't buy for sure another product from IW for sure.


              I want to play this game I PAID for and they MUST SUPPORT people who PAID for their game.


              So this means dealing with the hackers and the smaller and smaller number of players since launch.


              They could solve both things with one shot: ADDING DEDICATED SERVERS & SERVER BROWSER.


              So matches would finally be almost lag free and admins could kick out those stupid hackers.

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              remember hacks were available on the first day of official release and still nothing done, never buy their products again

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                WTF is infinityward doing about cheaters on ghost ?  nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Treyarch made a perfect job on bo2.
                infinityward come on ban the ******* that destroy ghost game.

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                  Maybe someone remembers my topic before release?


                  IW vs 3arch


                  Even then, I knew how it ends)))) Do not buy from them ever.

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                    Well if thats the only way to stop it, its pretty sad.

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                      My observations the last couple of days are no Obvious Hackers. Further I've seen several players wrongfully accusing players of Walling. The players that cry foul are those that typically camp and get shot by someone actually pressing the 'W' key and running the perimeters of the maps. My KDR the last couple days has been ~1.5 and even I got called-out as a 'Hacker' and 'Waller' which is ridiculous.


                      People seem to forget that there were 2, 3, 4 and a few legit 5+ KDR players in past CoD's. My Clan had three, 3+ KDR players. All too often they were called-out as hacking, I lost count.


                      Now are there hackers playing?! Pff ... probably so but knock on wood after several hours and multiple lobbies of TDM & DOM I haven't seen an Obvious hacks.


                      Listen if someone shoots you through Walls (Walling) for no apparent reason then sure the other player is probably hacking, but if the opposing team is using Oracle and you don't have a counter perk then that's a legit kill. Further, if you're either running and not a suppressed gun and/or no counter perk to SatCom then don't be surprised when a player shots you. In addition, I've 'been learned' to check my corners entering a room deliberately seeking Corner Campers and I've played enough to know the camping spots. Most importantly I listen to the Announcer Call-outs directing me to the enemy.


                      So two days and knock on wood no Paint Sniffer Obvious hackers...maybe IW is doing something.

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                          you are a fool and moreso probably a hack..

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                              Never, I play with the =WFC= Clan and they have a zero tolerance policy.


                              Read my other posts before thinking you know anything about me, I'm the most anti-hack and loathing of cheaters you'll find in this forum. However, I'm a decent player.

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                                Yep i agree, Sounds like he's  over concerned about the 1 guy who called him a cheater.

                                So someone made a mistake and called him a cheat, we really need to make it a discussion/it's a real problem in our community that you and also some cheaters that can get away with cheating are being called cheaters? Anyway if he were really legit as he states, then I would suspect it was a new player who seen him stare at them through a wall that didn't realize he was in such a popular spot because he's new.


                                The bigger/real/main problem is all the cheaters trying to sell their cheating as legit. (much what his post sounds like)


                                I play in stealth, silencer, incog, off the grid, dead silence. and know when i'm being targeted through a wall with a cheat before the kill, or magically turned to spot on with a last second bs pivot that lands me at the edge of their crosshair multiple times per round (when i'm stealth),


                                I have a video of the aim-cheat that is out there and it doesn't lock dead onto targets there is no (boom headshot) for everykill, it catches the target at the edge of the crosshairs and skips around a bit & looks sloppy until you ads.

                                Very easy for me to detect the players trying to get away with this cheat especially when i'm in stealth.

                                Hope your not using it because I will call you a cheat & it will be 100% accurate..

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                                    No in the contrary, in BO2 I felt like I wasn't having a 'good day' unless I was being called a 'Cheat' or 'Hacker.' BO2 2K+ hours and no ban and I'll never cheat.


                                    I quit playing Ghosts for a long time because I couldn't find a lobby where some paint sniffer hacker was present. However and ONLY so far Friday and Saturday, Sunday (today) the verdict is still out the game is playable. So if 'playable' equates to me 'Trolling' then so be it. I've been in this forum for a long time, and anyone that knows me knows I cannot stand a cheat.


                                    However, I do NOT confuse a good player with a cheat ... and perhaps you do. So hold on to you misconceptions if they make you feel all warm inside. I like to play CoD but only if it's playable.

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                                I have been through a translator, sorry.

                                To be honest, personally, I do have to shut up with complaints. Yes, I hate cheaters impunity, infuriates me mess on the leaderboard, but my ratio is growing every day and I keep one in TDM. I like the game as a whole. I do not see as many hackers as they say.But developers do not want to do what we have to. It's a fact.

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                                  Today was the worst ever.  Hackers using name changers aimbot and wall hack on rolled into one.  First time I have ever seen anyone score 69-0.  And claim he was legit.  His name of course was "......" or "........" or "....".  They are making a laughing stock out of IW.  Sorry I wasted my money here.  And they are expecting us to be the DLC maps.  No way.  The only ones who will be left playing this game will be the hackers

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                                    Hi there,


                                    Should you encounter a user not playing the game as intended, please take a moment to use the in-game feature and report the player. Activision Support  This is the best way to have the report reviewed.


                                    Thanks ^AH