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    LethalGamingPSN (US PS4)

      I'm recruiting members for one reason and one reason alone.  To win.


      What i'm looking for...

      1). PS4 players

      2). Strong players that are at the top of the all time global leaderboards in any game mode.  (Post your most current and best all time global rank below or message myself or my co-leader... info below)

      3). Dedicated individuals that are willing to work on one goal as a team, regardless of what the goal is.


      United states only please.


      Follow us on twitter...

      Lethal Gaming (LethalGaming_) on Twitter

      Subscribe on YouTube...

      LethalxGamingLxG - YouTube


      We're great on Xbox but greatness awaits on PS4.  If you can live up to the name of Lethal Gaming, join us today.


      I'm not even going to try to organize anything for Clan wars until i know we have enough beasts to decimate the opposition.  Until then, we'll work together on moving each other higher in the global leaderboards.  Clan wars is a fringe benefit in my eyes.


      Add these guys


      Leader PSN ID: briocon7

      Brian (briocon7) on Twitter


      Co-Leader PSN ID: Spikezilla

      Mike Louwaert (Spikezilla9) on Twitter



      About me...

      I'm the leader of the PSN side of Lethal Gaming.  I'm a support player.  (OnlyUseMeSATCOM kinda guy lol).  I like seeing the members of my clan do good, so i do my best to help them succeed.  I have a 1.5 K/D and i could care less about my personal stats.  I'll go negative every game if that's what it takes to help us win.  What's important to me is my roster.  What i need is beasts. 


      If the first thing out of your mouth is "Can i get on your YT channel?" or "Can you give me a shout out?", i don't care what stats you have or what rank you are, in comparison to the rest of the world.  I'm not letting you in.  What comes first is this clan.  Get your priorities straight, support your clan and your clan will be behind you 100%.