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        20. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

        I assume he called it that because nowadays anyone who dies, dies from a camper.

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          21. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

          Campers NEED rushers.

          Rushers don't need campers.


          Campers are leechers, and they feed on fun.

          In a lobby full of campers and a handful players that move, only the campers are having any fun.


          In a lobby full of campers, without moving players, nobody is having fun -- and the players that stop camping first loses.

          Campers rely on their teammates not camping and on their teammates' skill, not their own skill, and rely on the opponents not camping.

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            22. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

            Good post,


            Now let's discuss TDM map control.


            . Instead of trying to control the whole map it's usually best to find just a couple areas to lockdown. In Team Deathmatch there's no objective but to kill the enemy more times than you die. To do this, and to do so in a way that your team can appreciate your contribution I would recommend finding a spot that is the highest traffic area but enough to keep the action up tempo. In TDM the score to win is 75. Divide that by 6 people and you're looking at 12.5 kills per person. To keep the team happy I would shoot for 16 kills and less than 8 deaths. this means you did your job without hurting your team.

            Your absolutely right with what you say G, TDM requires something else to win, the ability to foresee traffic areas. As you talk about map control, a single player can do this, I do it now never more so.


            TDM you have to find the balance of pressuring the enemy into in an uncomfortable position without foolishly getting killed allot. Its easier said than done, if you play with others it makes it much more easier.

            If you can find a good camping spot where you're engaging the enemy constantly then the rest of your team has no room to complain. However, finding these spots can be tricky. The same concepts apply for TDM as they do for DOM or any other objective mode. You want to find a spot that gives you the largest field of view. Things I look for are high elevation, minimal access points, and a good hiding spot to allow me to surprise anyone who trespasses

            Though your right, if you find a vantage point take use of it and get many kills from it. But from my perspective those are the easiest targets. I play with patience now, when the match starts I position myself right before the "middle ground of a map" and if i feel aggressive I will move forward clearing a room or two. In other words, waiting in a spot can net you a kill or two against the unsuspecting but it wont last when faced with more seasoned players.


            You make good points, and your well aware that some "anti campers" will hate on you for writing in such a way. There complaint details their level of experience.

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              23. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

              The above post is spot on!

              He called it that because that's what he is, a camper.  All you defending him seem to think higher of him than this but everything he's written in 3 separate posts stroking his own ego show he is nothing more than this.


              I also understand that there is different roles to play, and that a camper can be quite effective at certain times.  But there are also times when a camper is completely irrelevant based on the game situation and based on how many other people on his team are camping.  At which point a majority of them will sit back and continue what they are doing ignoring this, or they will try to push for an objective but since their skills are geared towards camping not pushing they often die a number of times get frustrated and resign themselves to camping out a loss.


              Also before 6 more people jump on me having 40 deaths in my previous example, can you shitty campers read the entire post and realize that yes I had 40 deaths as the result of an extremely competitive game against very worthy opposition.  A game you all would resign yourselves to losing or simply backing out of when you joined the lobby.  Yes in a game where B switches hands 30+ times over the course of a game you are either going to die a lot or lose get over it, its a game, the simple fact this is so appalling to all of you further highlights how scared you all are of a single death to try and win a game.


              All of a sudden I'm getting 40 deaths "on the norm" and "regularly" all I displayed was one example highlighting how a team pushing the objective will never lose to one who is not.  My K/D is 2.32, so no I do not regularly die 40 times in a game but if I do its because it was necessary for a win.



              Also, adw your post is perfect I think it just needs 1 more addition



              Campers care about K/D

              Rushers care about W/L

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                24. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                Oldurtay wrote:




                Campers care about K/D

                Rushers care about W/L

                This is narrow minded.


                A win is a win, no matter the "style" one can and will lose to both options. The reality is who can outperform the other more efficiently.

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                  25. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                  You do realize you can directly reply to someone instead of replying to the OP, but then again you're simple minded so this might be too complex for you to handle.

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                    26. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                    The reality is who can outperform the other more efficiently.


                    Yes and on equal footing 9 times out of 10 the team who brings more forward firepower to B is going to win, so basically whoever has less people playing your style will most likely win.  Sure an anchor can be useful, but 2 aren't... certainly not 3 or more.  The problem is everyone wants to be the anchor, because yeah its a lot of fun sitting back in your spawn racking up kills on people that are distracted by going for the objective.  Every camper assumes that this is his job before the game has even started as most of them know nothing else, and when 2 or more such people end up on the same team very rarely will one of them pack up their tent and assume a more aggressive role to help the team.  Additionally even if you are able to force a camper into packing up his tent, more often than not being that they spend so much time camping they get run over when attempting to push.


                    Campers think they are good because of their inflated stats, camping is easy and anyone with half a brain and the right setup can do it.  Effectively navigating your way around a map takes skill, a skill you'll never learn sitting down in a corner.  The reason my team doesn't lose is because we force players like you to either join the fight or sit back and lose, I wish it wasn't the latter so often but even when it isn't like I said you all usually aren't very effective outside your tents.

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                      27. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                      Works both ways with throwing forward firepower. I have been frustrated many times watching idiots run down a choke point and die, then run down it again and again and again without learning anything. It's a TEAM game where everyone needs to play a role and change offensive/defensive when needed. A good sniper should not be concentrating on just covering an objective, they should be actively searching out anyone on the other side doing the same thing (previous COD games with quickscoping seem to have made people forget that you can actually use a sniper rifle to kill someone on the other side of a map). Likewise be ready to change your loadout and style of play. I am someone you would term a camper perhaps because I like to sneak about and snipe. However in Domination I am oftern the person who gets the most captures. There is no right or wrong way to play COD overall. There is a right way for each individual game and it may change many times during that game as scores and objectives are achieved. There is also little skill in rushing when you have a one or two second lag advantage and every speed perk you can find, but some seem to think so.

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                        28. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                        Oldurtay wrote:


                        The reality is who can outperform the other more efficiently.


                        Yes and on equal footing 9 times out of 10 the team who brings more forward firepower to B is going to win, so basically whoever has less people playing your style will most likely win.

                        I am bring firepower to 'B'. In fact, I'm bring more firepower than anyone else in the match with my L115. I also get just as many kills as the guy lying on the flag. The only difference is I'm staying alive. Get this through your head, you DO NOT have to cap flags in DOM to be an asset to team.

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                          29. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                          "3 games later they decided to dashboard.  Every single game not a single person on my team was anywhere close to positive, and we won each by a wide margin.  I personally went 2540 and was happy too as everyone of those deaths was necessary to achieve a win."


                          It's a little difficult to take anything else away from what you wrote other than you go very negative regularly.  I won't hold it against you but just as you have found the OP lacking for not covering team dynamics in the discussion, you should understand that if you define yourself to folks that don't know you through a rather limited prism then they are bound to draw incorrect conclusions.


                          Now back to your updated point.  I've gone in the neighborhood of 25-40 before when it meant securing the win.  It didn't bother me at all.  However, that tactic does require a team effort otherwise the guy going 25-40 just ends up dragging his team down by feeding the other team killstreaks.  I'm sure that you would agree.


                          Tying this back to the OP by G, his post isn't talking about the over-reaching team dynamic needed to pull off consistent wins.  He is only talking about one role that he plays well for his team.  If you've ever found yourself getting shot in the back shortly after spawning repeatedly (and if you've played Ghosts then you have) then I think that you could appreciate having a guy on your team that kept that from happening by keeping your backside covered.  Sure the anchor isn't going to win the match single handedly.  He will need help but he does play a rather important support role that makes the job of the rushers and cappers a little easier.


                          I personally have played the anchor role when needed but I prefer playing the point.  I work my way towards the B flag, pause momentarily to drop the guys rushing in too carelessly (not to be confused with good rushers) and once I've got the B flag area locked down, I cap the flag before moving a little further forward to again cut off the players coming from their home flag.  I move around the map quite liberally but I always make sure that I'm close enough to the B flag to defend it directly when needed.  This is how I play DOM.  Now put me in TDM and depending on what the other team is doing I may be posting up camping for map control or I might be running with marathon and lightweight, snaking around corners and hipfiring the crap out of people.  Regardless of the gamemode, however, I adjust my gameplay to exploit the weaknesses in what the other team is doing.  Having rushed, camped and everything inbetween as well as used just about every weapon and attachment in the game to learn their insides and outs, I am well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each and every combination.  This is my biggest advantage.

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