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    best headset for the ps4?


      looking to get my first headset but not sure what to get. been searching but since the ps4 came out not all headsets are up for grabs. what do u guys recommend??

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          Turtle Beach PX4. Amazing. Or Siberia Elite, but they're overpriced.

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            I picked up a set of the Skullcandy SLYR at Target about 3 weeks ago for around $70 USD (normal retail looks around $80 but I think they were on sale that week). Very comfortable to ware and have a couple of options for use. In the box are 4 items


            3.5mm "mobile device cable"

            2.5 to 3.5mm xbox chat cable for 360

            the headset

            and a cable with a mix amp for chat and game audio on one end and USB and 2 RCA (red and white) plugs on the other.


            With the PS4 you have to options:


            1.(my setup) Plug the USB into the PS4 (just bundle up the RCA ends.. they are not needed). Then plug one end of the 3.5mm cable into the mix amp and the other into the headset.. Boom.. you have volume control and can ajust the balance between chat and game audio




            2. Plug the 3.5mm cable into your DS4 and the other end into the headset. You cant control the audio but if you need to not be connected via cable to the PS4 you have that option however the USB cable is rather long.. must be about 4-6 ft

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                3. Get a USB soundcard (I use SteelSeries one), plug in your Mic and Audio 3.5mm cable in to the soundcard. Plug in the soundcard into the PS4 via USB. Profit? You can use whatever headset you want!

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                  Hello Frustrationinc, a question regarding this Skullcany SLYR headset, is it as simple as that? Just plug and play? I mean for this method:


                  1.(my setup) Plug the USB into the PS4 (just bundle up the RCA ends.. they are not needed). Then plug one end of the 3.5mm cable into the mix amp and the other into the headset.. Boom.. you have volume control and can ajust the balance between chat and game audio


                  Or do you also have to set it up on your PS4 in order for it to work, and if so could you provide the instructions on how to set it up on the PS4. Any help will be much appreciated.

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                  Depends on if your looking for wired or wireless. I like wireless and I am using the  turtle beach px4. Price isn't bad about 150.00 us. And if you already have the extended warranty at best buy on your old set, then take them back and upgrade to px4 wireless or you could look at px22 wired for cheaper.  I know astro a40 and a50 are great but you gotta pay up for those.



                  Forgot to mention when I say wireless, (yes you still have to have the wire from the headset to the controller) at least till they put a patch out

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                      Dont hold your breath on the patch, the below is my convo with a sony rep today!

                      Below is a conversation with a sony rep re headsets;

                      William R.: Hi, my name is William R.. How may I help you?
                      Me: Hi, was trying to find out if thre will be a ps4 bluetooth update for 3rd party headsets in 2014?
                      William R.: I see, Luke. I'd be happy to look into this for you today.
                      William R.: For the bluetooth feature, there should be an update released late January or early February.
                      Me: Ok, can you supply me a link or something that can clarify this? As I have spent close to $600 on headsets and the talk on the internet is that only Sony's pulse headsets will be supported after the 2014 bt update?
                      William R.: Unfortunately, there is no information for the future update.
                      Me: So the info that you have there, will it be for all headsets or only sony pulse?
                      William R.: As of right now, the only headsets that will be able to work on the system when the update is released will be the Pulse and Stereo Headsets.
                      Me: "Stereo"?
                      William R.: The Wireless Stereo Headset.
                      Me: I have the turtle beach px4 will they work as I'm not sure what you mean by " the wireless stereo headset?
                      William R.: The Wireless Stereo Headset is a headset that is released by us. As for the Turtle Beach headsets, I do not have information on if it will be available when the update is released.
                      Me: Oh ok thanks for your help.
                      William R.: No problem. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
                      Me: No thanks
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                      Do not buy a gaming headset there all poor quality Including all turtle beach, astros etc.

                      Best setup would be buy the astro mixamp pro 2013 it's the only good thing astro produce, headset get the superlux 668bs they cost £30 on amazon and are better than any gaming headset or if you want to go all out get the sony MDR-MA900 there the best of the best priced at £300 and they were on sale on amazon a few weeks ago.

                      Both headset are not gaming headset so you will have to add a mic. Go for zalman mic £10 on amazon.

                      So for £150 mixamp £110 headset £30 mic£10 you can get a set that's far superior to any gaming headset.

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                        Dunno as yet.

                        I have the PX4's at the moment and they are ok, good for the price.

                        Frustrating about having to manually setup audio settings on the PS4 and every game you play using them and my PS3 doesn't recognise them.

                        I have just ordered the TB EF XP Seven headset, which is wired, so I will update once I receive them.

                        They are the flagship model so they are pricey but I got $200 off so turned out pretty cheap in the end.


                        It's very disappointing that Sony has no support as yet for Bluetooth headsets, (non Sony ones anyway) as I bought the PX4's due to them saying they worked "straight out of the box" on PS4.

                        Yeah, they forgot to mention the hassles of using them on next gen systems and no BT functionality.

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                          I have both the Sony Pulse and the Turtle Beach PX4s. For what its worth, the PX4s are amazing. Incredible battery life, real surround sound (Pulse is "simulated surround sound"). Soundwhoring is way easier with the PX4s. Only drawback of the PX4s is the wifi hub sometimes interferes with the wifi of the PS4, I assume this can be solved with a hardwired connection to a router.

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                            i use my tritton's ax720s they work really well

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                              I am sicko when it comes to sound. I tried the A50, PX4,PX5 and finally settled on the XP510. They are amazing. The advanced sound editor is sick for tweaking for the best sound. I sound whore people so bad on the PS4. Even if they use dead silence on and you use amplify, you will hear them.


                              PX5 also was good as it has sound editor software as well. Not as in depth. I hated the PX4 and A50's. A50's were too boomy and only 3 settings. XP510's rule on PS4.