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          You can't dictate the audience, as this post was put into a community forum, so you have to expect some conflicting opinions.


          And I am confused... I am saying there is a lot of variety. And that one can play their style... they just have to be smarter about it. Can't play this game exactly the way you played BO2, that will backfire on you. But it can be done. I rush all the time. I am a tactical player as well... and I am telling you it can be done.

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            Here's the difference between the two terms, IMHO.  Adapting is a good thing.  Simply, to adapt to survive; or, to adapt your game to get kills and not die, is a good thing.


            To conform, OTOH, is to accept what ought not be accepted.  No one can tell you not to complain about the quality of the game.  That is, the hacks, the error codes and freezes.  Those are just not acceptable.


            Where does playstyle fit in?  I would say the adaptation category. 

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              What level do I need to be to unlock the bahookey?

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                DingoDC wrote:


                What level do I need to be to unlock the bahookey?


                In past COD's it was usually level 4.


                But Ghosts has made it default with the 10th soldier.




                However, I hear it's OP.

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                  My bahookey is OP but that could just be the Black Bean Soup perk I'm running.

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                    rankismet wrote:


                    TG-ThoMz wrote:


                    This is a post intended for players that aren't enjoying the game or who do not want to learn a new way to play. Plus, how would more variety prevent you from enjoying the game? However, if you'd like, i can make a post for the other half (like myself) that enjoy the tactical play style- but I like to see both sides.


                    Still not tracking on what playstyle is missing.


                    You can rush.

                    You can camp.

                    You can snipe.

                    You be a BK quickscoper.

                    You can tube.

                    You can sit in a corner with your thumb up your bahookey.



                    What am I missing?


                    You forgot Retard style ...


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                      This game is so boring I can only play about 5 matches before I rage out on how casual friendly Cod has become. Anybody that defends this game is out of their mind. You don't need to even know how to aim your gun since everybody dies so quickly lol. Some of my friends that were really bad at Black ops 1 and 2 since their aim was so bad are suddenly decent? that alone is a joke. I will not adapt or conform to playing like a scrub to do good in ghosts sorry. I am not worried though march is coming soon and everybody should know what game is coming in march.

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                        I feel kinda stupid. I am just not understanding the point the OP is trying to make. Too many contradictions or maybe its just me. Either way, reading this thread makes me feel as if I am running around with akimbo scoped Magnums. - Clueless.

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                          I think you will find it is harder than the recent incarnations - hence the cry babies.

                          BO2 had some of the strongest Aim Assist I have ever seen!!!


                          Go back to your linear BO2 rubbish and leave the rest of us to enjoy.

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