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    New player pointers?

      I am looking for some pointers on how to build out my multiplayer soldier, is there a noob guide on the forums or a community site that recommends which upgrades or perks are worth it? Tips for building a good squad?


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          Re: New player pointers?

          There aren't any guides on this website, but there is a good guide on IGN.com. Squads is perfect for warming up before going against all human opponents. For your soldier, figure out what class you like the most, are you more of a defense player? Then you may prefer sniping with stealth perks. Or do you like rushing the objective? Then assault rifles or SMGs with fast movement and handling perks may be for you. For your Squad, have it rounded out of the classes. Have assault rifles, SMGs, maybe a shotgun and a sniper. I recommend assault rifles since the maps on Ghost are big. Practice makes perfect.

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            Re: New player pointers?

            for your squad to be as good as it can be I suggest playing each charcter up to lvl5 and spend the squad points to get attachements for weapons etc on that player. Fiddle around with the spawn order, I sugegst putting the sniper option (if you run one) last so that you have as many smg and assult players on the map as possible. I have never seen the bots use kill streaks so I  not sure if you need to invest too heavily there but definitely change around and get the load out you would play with in terms of attachments and perks. These two things definitely make a difference to your squads performance. The home setting for your squad will also dictate how your squad is comprised, armed and perked.

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              Re: New player pointers?

              If you're new to COD, ugh. You're in for a tough hall with the 30 gazillion perks offered in this game.


              Pick the first perk available. I think its Ready Up. Then get 100 kills with that perk and every other perk available. In other words, you might have Ready Up, Strong Arm, and Takedown as your perks for 100 kills. Then switch out to Ready Up, Recon, and Resistance for another 100 kills. Keep mixing and matching in that way until you have experience with all the perks and a large variety of perks. That's the best way to find out what works best for you.


              Personally, I just go straight down the line with perks in every COD. This nets some weird, illogical combinations sometimes, but it really helps pull out the highlights of the various perks. From that, I decide which ones work best for me.


              I do the same thing with weapons. Now, on weapons, you want to at least get a feel for all of them in private match because you never know when you're going to run out of ammo on the battlefield and have to pick up the first thing available. The problem with picking up the closest weapon is that, in accordance with Murphy's Law, you're 100% sure to pick up the weapon you most despise. At least if you have familiarity with that weapon, you won't panic and assume this means you're going to get killed.


              Stay with low end streak rewards. I would avoid using Support rewards for now. That seems completely contradictory to consensus thinking, but because Support will help a new or weaker player level up faster, hence unlocking stuff faster, it can build a false sense of confidence ... which will result in great frustration later.


              Ignore advice as to how fast and how often you should be doing whatever in matches. If you're not comfortable jumping on a flag or charging like a mad bull to the opening exchange, don't jump on a flag or rush blindly into the unknown.


              Stick with ARs for now. Stick with full auto ARs. I'd also stick with a pistol for a secondary. Get used to switching to a pistol when you need to reload. This is a big plus. I tend to reload after every exchange, no matter how much ammo I expend. This can leave you in a HUGE jam in Ghosts. Don't reload until you know you're safe to do so. If you run out of ammo and need to reload in the heat of battle, switch to your secondary instead. Ghosts is very unforgiving when it comes to reloading in the heat of battle.


              Basically? Stick with the basics.

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