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    Team "Authorize" Recruiting

      About Team "Authorize"

      Rank: Platinum Division

      • Platinum
      • Xbox 360 ONLY


      Clan Level 15

      • Level 16
      • 90% EXP until level 17


      Size: 90-100 members

      • We do not care about K/D or Win/Loss TO AN EXTENT
      • If you are an inactive player you will be kicked, no questions asked.

      Overall K/D: 1.68

      Overall Win/Loss: 64%

      • We have lowered out K/D requirement; subsequently the overall has decreased
      • If you can't keep a K/D of over 1.0 you probably shouldn't be playing


      Reasons To Join?

      We don't suck, we are active.

      Playing alone is awful.

      Nobody likes playing with awful players that have no microphone and quit after they go -15

      There is always someone to play with.

      You get a sexy GOLDEN clan tag!

      We are 3/3 first place clans wars. Soon to be 4/4.




      Post your GT


      Apply via app @Team "Authorize"


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