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    "Hey I got new operations!!......why did I get previously completed ones...."

      This appears to be a recurring thing with most players and I have to ask, What's up with that Activision? I mean wouldn't it make more sense to put in ONLY operations we haven't completed?


      Having the sticky 5 operations is nice so you don't lose progress on the ones you are working on but honestly, what's the point in recycling completed ops? Is this some sort of clever plot to slow down gamer progression to allow yourself more time to develop DLC? or are you actually swamped with feedback and too busy to notice? We all appreciate the diligence in staying on top of patching bugs and glitches this early in ghosts's life however, I believe matters of this importance take precedence over who's higher on the leaderboard (although you guys really need to clean out the hackers so regular players can accurately track their comparison to the world).


      P.S. give xbox 360 gamers a dedicated server already!! you have the money, just do it!!!