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    Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

      Whenever I try to play Ghost Moshpit, it will not load Free Fall map anymore. I get to the level loading screen and it is a green and red grid instead of the level art. Then the screen goes black and I'm booted. I am playing on a PS4 and was able to play Free Fall before because I preordered. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there going to be a fix for this?

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          Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

          I am having the same problem. Ever since the latest patch whenever playing in mosh pit and Free Fall is picked, the loading screen turns into a red and green checkerboard background before it takes me back to the main menu saying "Error: Content Package No Longer Available" or something along those lines. I've tried deleting Ghosts my PS4 and redownloading the game and the map with no luck and still having the same problem. I used to be able to play Free Fall with no problems before.

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            Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

            I brought the Season Pass last night as Free Fall appeared in New Content section. I can download it and it installs although when I download season pass and free fall, 2 of them appear, one set downloads and installs and the other set just stays there saying waiting to install. I've deleted my content and tried again several times, I create a private match and I get the checkerboard also and the message content package is not available. I have tried deleting and also downloading from the store on PC also, put it in queue, it just gets stuck on waiting to install. The extra bits I get with SP are ok. I've tried signing in and out and also activating as primary and also restoring licenses. Nothing I have tried works. When I download free fall from the Ghosts tab at the bottom, it downloads 2 and one is 499MB and the other is 500MB, but the total file size it says is summat like 976MB. I've also tried playing a few game, then redownloading, but nothing has worked so far. It needs to be sorted.              


            Also, I cannot find Mosh Pit anywhere. It just doesn't appear. I might add this came with the Season Pass as I did not preorder it. It's not an PS3 upgrade either.

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              Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)



              I like you am having the same problem, I decided to buy the season pass the other evening and it downloaded 2 of the season pass and free fall map, same sizes as you stated. But only installs one of each, no matter if I delete ghosts and reinstall in evry order I can, I've tried going to sony entertainment store and re-downloading that way (this also lists 2 of each, pass and map).

              The in game extras like team leader pack are there but when I try to use the free fall map I get a chequerboard screen and then the content package missing error.

              Very disappointed that after spending like £80 for game and pass that I can't even use the additional map.

              Hope this gets sorted soon. Hopefully someone from Activision might actually read this and know what we both should do.

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                Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                THERE IS NO FIX YET!
                I have been in contact with Activision on Twitter (I have the same issue) and I've tried everything they've said but nothing works.

                Here is me trying the "fix";

                CoD Ghosts PS4 Free Fall error! - YouTube

                I also show the error and everything in the video.

                As I said in the video, I know what the problem is. Two 500mb files start to download. Free fall is 1gb. Just one of these files gets installed correctly, and there is nothing we can do to get it install. Activision needs to fix it.

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                    Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                    So I ended up just using Activision's chat support and the guy I was talking to said they were aware of the problem and that they had fixed it. He told me to delete ghosts again and redownload it and it would work. Well I did re download it, but I got to thinking that I didn't have a problem with Free Fall until I got the season pass. So instead of downloading the season pass this time, I just downloaded Ghosts and the Free Fall map and now it is working. I'm thinking the problem is having the season pass installed, but I haven't tried installing it because now Free Fall is working again and I don't want to have to re download Ghosts if it is the season pass causing the issue.


                    Long story short, try deleting Ghosts from the PS4 and then re install it or re download, download the update, and then download Free Fall, but do not download and install the season pass.


                    The issue may be fixed with a re install/download so if someone wants to see if Free Fall is working and then download the season pass to see if it still works, by all means go for it. As it is right now, I think the problem is the season pass but I don't want to take the chance the problem hasn't been fixed and install the season pass and then Free Fall isn't working anymore.

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                    Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                    I also have this issue, PS4 hardened edition.


                    Free Fall was working fine up until the latest patch was released.


                    Now, no DLC works so I can't download the Festive camo either.


                    It knows Free Fall is installed as it comes up as a map to play in Local Play, but loading it has the grid loading screen.


                    What do you people have in your Library on the PS4? I have two entries for COD. One is blank saying 3 add-ons and one has the COD image with 4 add-ons. In addition to that I get 'No Content Found' on the PS4 home screen.

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                      Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                      SSame problem here on ps4.


                      I have season pass with 2 seperate downloads one still waiting to install, same thing with free fall dynamic map pack, one still waiting to install.


                      it has been this way for two days and now I have downloaded the festive pack and it has two and one still waiting to install.


                      its a total pain.


                      also as alexion2k I have one with image in library and one without image, however only with 2 add ons.

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                        Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                        You might have delete and re download. 

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                          Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                          Well he?  I think if he read my posts, he'd find a bit more than what you're accusing me of here.

                          - No i'm pretty sure you give useless information in every thread your in. I lost count of the amount of threads where people had been in convos with mods about the season pass, trying everything they say and you just come in with

                          "Maybe this might help https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Next-Gen-U pgrade-FAQ/?l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3ACall_of_Duty_Ghosts&fs=Search&pn=3 "

                          If you had read any part of any thread you posted that in, you'd know there was no point in posting that.


                          What have you contributed?  What's your definitive solution to the issues that makes you so confident that mine might not work for some?

                          - I never claimed to provide a definitive answer, and i'm so confident yours wont work because 3 people who posted before you in this thread already tried it. Have you actually read this thread, or any thread?


                          "Just took a brief look at your own posts.  It's ok to be angry for buying a substandard product.  But it's your own fault for buying a substandard product blindly."

                          - Yes, i bought COD Ghosts, how very observant of you.

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                            Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)


                            I have the same problem with the screen going to a checkered board screen then kicking me out the lobby once the game acts like its going to load.  It's been going on since November.  It used to work fine when I used the preorder redemption code but stopped after I purchased the season pass.  I have tried contacting activision but of course as you probably already know they only have a chat line.  After the first failed attempt to correct the problem I contacted them again and they suggested to uninstall and reinstall all the content with COD Ghosts.  Yet again I was disappointed with this.  So I tried to uninstall everything again and not enter the preorder redemption code and just download the season pass and still the same problem.  I then contacted Activision again, this time to ask for a full refund and they were unable to help me.  They told me to try uninstalling everything again instead, I contacted Sony  @ 800-345-7669 and was able to get a full refund for the season pass hassle free and quick. 


                                 My suggestion to everyone is to give up on this poor excuse for a gaming company (Activision) and just get your refund and purchase Battlefield 4.  At least there everything works.

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                              Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                              I bought CoD:Ghosts PS4 Spain version. Installed, updated. Then I bought Season Pass, inserted the code and downloaded Free Fall map, Mask, Festive and Wolf DLCs. When I try to play Free Fall I get the grid loading screen and then black screen and a error message. Tried to reinstall the game, updates, dlcs a 13432 times and again received the same grid loading screen.


                              The Mask, wolf and festive pack works; Free Fall map don't.


                              I wasted 50€ to buy a season pass that give me extra content that don't work.


                              Please fix the Free Fall map download soon as possible.

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                                Re: Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

                                HERE IS THE SOLUTION for the crashing free fall map:

                                PS button/settings/PSN/restore licenses and that should fix it.

                                For some reason when COD pushed the last update it deletes previous licenses (including add ons).

                                Hope this help.

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