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    new clan looking for members (ps3)


      me and a few friends made a clan just in time for the last clan war an came in 3rd. I would like to get a few more players and go for the win this time. hit me up psn name is mac6i4 make sure to put something in message about clan. we can play a few games and see how we fit together. we currently have 5 members and are level 7. so this is a good clan to get an be a top member not just one of 100 pawns

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          whats the name of the clan

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              Hard core militia (HcM) is the name of our clan. me and my friends normally only play hardcore but with clan wars we have started to play all modes as you are not going to win if you do not play all modes. so regardless what mode you play we have a spot for you 

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                  WBFU we be fing you

                  looking for new members and smaller clans to join!! we have placed first  plat each clan war and won both the body counts so far but now the placed us in a lobby were we have 50 people in our clan and the other clans have 100!|
                  apply threw the app or add Supa tin tin on xbox live

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                Hello Soldier,

                Commander of TeaM_Radical Gaming

                PSN: Hogshaven88


                I notice that you are a new clan and looking for members! -- well i have a proposition for you and your men.


                We are a Level 13 , Gold Division Clan with approx 54 Members and we are looking to take on some more "Active" Gamers


                IF you would like to merge your clan with ours , we would be glad to have you and your team and believe you would be a huge asset to this group-


                I also have a thread our there with a little more details if you are interested.


                Feel free to reach out to us using



                And we can talk about the merger if interested, we could have your team onboard and gaming with us TODAY if you would like to get in on some action.


                Best Regards,

                From everyone of Team_Radical Gaming

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                    sorry I am not looking to merge clans. I was in a large clan the first clan war an wow that was a mess. its weird how they put clans in divisions as we are in a platinum division and only have 5-6 members.

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                        I understand MAC,

                        We are a group compiled of mostly Fathers that play actively at night -- we have alot of people as far as numbers are concerned

                        but rarely are we all on at the same times --


                        We have core groups of about 12-15 that are active daily -- others are on and off


                        So dont let the 55 members in this group damper your thought of bigger clans -- we are big by numbers small by active ( truly ) everyday active gamers - so its very organized


                        But , Best regards.

                        Good luck to you and your team