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        40. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

        If you enjoy the game so much why are you wasting your time here? oh it must be because you getting paid by activision to defend there half done game where there season pass costs more then a copy of the game. Call of duty ghosts should be a modern warfare 3 Dlc !!  Im here hoping they fix all this rubbish in the next Cod.

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          41. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

          Does studying for finals make sense to you?

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            42. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

            Because playing during off peak hours is route 101 to bad connectivity. And maybe we have some feedback for the game which we could bounce around on here to see if its sound.


            And then we have you, who comes here to proclaim that this game is 'casual friendly' because you are not doing as well as you used to, but some of your friends are putting in better performances. It MUST be because its n00bish. and casual friendly, it couldn't possibly be because you aren't changing your approach to suit the game, or that your friends might just have gotten better with experience, no, the devs are catering to evil nasty casuals!!! And now you come to the forums and they are full of mean horrible activision employees who ALL disagree with you! Your opinion is 100% correct and the peasants cant handle the truth!!!!!!!!!!




            Can I have some of what your having? Must be nice to be so blissfully ignorant...

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              43. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

              I have learned to adapt to the game pretty well and still keep my playstyle the same. But the thing is that you cant always use the same playstyle in every game when you are playing against a bunch of randoms. Now if you had a full fledged team then YES you can play your playstyle more.

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                44. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

                TG-ThoMz wrote:


                Almost all parts of rushing are obsolete with the low ttk and amplify.

                Why can I rush, with no problems? Why am I at the top of the scoreboard, every match?


                Claiming that your play style is rushing .... does not equal skill. You need skill to be able to rush.


                Treyarch, conveniently left that requirement .... out of BO2.

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                  45. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

                  I cant like this comment enough.

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                    46. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

                    Adaption, cohersion, conforming...... I can understand these things. But, I look at Ghosts as a new game. Yes, it is part of a franchise. But, we would all be complaining if it played no different. Ghosts has bigger maps, more reliance on gun play, less hipfire and quickscoping rewards, etc etc. The ability of a gamer is to play the game, not the past.

                    At the end of the day - are you having fun - that is what counts.

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                      47. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

                      Of course anyone can play any way they want. However if you play against good players and you run around or try to rush their defense position you will lose more than you win. Does that mean you can't continue to try? no. But players continually doing this makes the game pretty simple.

                      Changes in sound perks and higher ttk's would change this dramatically- making that third option for attack more feasible.

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                        48. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

                        It may be hard to see my point as pubs have all skill levels- If your goal is to be +1 (pos) kd when play against equal opponents then you'll be crouch walking a lot.

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                          49. Re: Adapt.. no. Conform.

                          Theres no adapting to the horrific spawns.  You cant adjust to spawning in front of, being spawned behind beside or simultaneously within a person.

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