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    Clan wars reward emblems not unlocking. and one obvious clan wars flaw.

      Has anyone else had the three emblems for clan wars unlock yet? After the first wars we unlocked the three most people have, but in emblem editor they are not unlocked. Anyone else had this issue and possibly had it fixed?


      ALSO... The most Obvious and damaging clan wars flaw is obviously that once the wars starts... You can ADD as many new members as you want and tip the scales in your favor. So if you start in a fair 7 person clans wars... before you know it one of the teams is well over 10 people and you could either match them, or stick it out and play the wars at a severe disadvantage.


      Im not sure how they could fix the clan member adding problem... but there should be some fix for that. Other than that, I feel the clan wars is working out alright. Should be noted we've won twice now with 7-8 player groups, so I'm probably biased. Re: To InfinityWard, SledgeHammer Games, Beachheadstudios and all COD Fans!!

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