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    Call of Duty: Playtime With Wookies

      After just over a month, I've come to realize they named this game wrong... It's not Ghosts.


      It's Call of Duty: Wookies.


      ... or...


      ... the only piece of character customization we will see in another month.


      Personally, I'm over seeing cheap shag carpet rejects from the '70's running hither and yon... the only thing that's missing is the ggRRR-AAAHHHHWWWRR when they sight an enemy.


      This is not the first COD with a ghillie... but unlike previous titles they make the player:


      ... taller.

      ... move different.

      ... not tied to a perk/weapon to wear it.


      Anyone else notice this?



      ... I'm simply over seeing every other person sporting their best Chewbaca throwback outfit.


      And it's only going to get worse.