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      Hello all. I'm looking for a clan specifically level 23 or higher. My current clan's members are inconsistently online and i'm near close to unlocking the gold camo for my honey badger.

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          Re: clan

          what are some pros about joining a crew? on gta 5 online i just joined one so i could play with a crew, can i do that on cod or do you have to play extremely well to join a crew?

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              Re: clan

              Its not required to play extremely well to join a clan, but it is honored. Playing in a clan in ghosts would not only prevent consistent deaths, but allow you to have people watching your back just as in gta, but more helpful,

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              Re: clan

              Why would a clan who is high in level invite you who didn't contribute to the clan getting that high? Why don't you want to put the work in on the new clan?

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                  Re: clan

                  As stated above, I'm getting fairly close to unlocking gold camo for my honey badger. I'm pretty sure that i know how to contribute to a clan, as I've been in clans within the past cod's.


                  psn- subverd_stormz

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                      Re: clan

                      no offence at all bro but just cuz you are close to gold on one gun dosnt mean that much at all. you have to have time in and work your ass off for it to.  trust me the gold guns are cool and **** but its the body count that means more. and it is just one gun to.

                      so a word of advice is that you might want to lower the clan lvl that you are looking for.

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                    Re: clan

                    Well we're not level 23 by means, but active and looking to keep adding to the roster. Check us out, get back to us if you're interested.


                    "The Hooligans" (360/X1) - Casual Hardcore Clan (Gold Division)

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                      Re: clan

                      (Xbox 360)

                      IEG is a up and coming clan and we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking to build a good base of players, casual and competitive. We've been around for almost a year and so far we are growing w/ some of the most amazing members.


                      Come join and play some fun/casual gaming and make some friends or join for some competitive experience w/ gbs,scrims,and tourneys  


                      Must be 16+ years old, have a mic, be mature, and have a +.85 k/d.Come check us out and apply at:


                      www. infinity elite gaming clan .com (without any of the spaces; all one word)


                      Just register and click on "Apply now!" and then "New Member applications" then follow the directions it tells you.


                      (p.s. when filling out the application make sure to say you were referred by Mr IEG RaMPaGEoG)


                      Any questions? Feel free to message me here or on the site "Mr IEG RaMPaGEoG" or on xbox my gamertag is "Mr IEG RaMPaGE"


                      Mr IEG RaMPaGEoG

                      IEG Captain




                      IEG Facebook


                      IEG Twitter


                      IEG YouTube



                      My Personal links






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                        Re: clan

                        Hey man Nightmare Crew is recruiting now. We aren't a level 23 but like mentioned before if you are wanting to get into a lower level clan and do the work we woild be glad to have you.. we are set up pretty nice for how young the clan is so if you are interested message me on here or my gamer tag on 360 live is


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