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        20. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

        Bielsalmighty wrote:


        The forfeit win loophole would be easy to spot, and I'm sure some investigation would reveal whether or not clans were bringing in friends/clanmates so they could beat on them and guarantee wins.


        I hope to see a spinoff of the 'Why Was I Banned' thread series; 'Where Did My Bodycount Gear Go?!'


        As those aren't appealing ban threads... perhaps Foxy, Claire, Ice, et al would allow us a good chuckle at the cheating, little DB's expense?

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          21. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

          Nah I highly doubt it. I would truly love to see some of those pop up here though. It would be nice to know that they aren't going to let boosters keep their ill gotten gains. *stares meaningfully at Beachhead*

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            22. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

            I personally haven't noticed this myself, but what erks me about Clan Wars is that my clan of 18, active members of 5-6 (if we're lucky) keep being put into Platinum against Active Clans that have triple ours. So, in the end my clan has no shot of winning Platinum. We did end up winning the 2nd Clan Wars in Gold, but it seems to me that Clan Wars doesn't even base you off of active members or clan roster. The two times we've been put in Platinum (1st and 3rd Clan War) a clan has already taken 1/2 - 2/4 of the nodes because of active members while 3 or 4 of my members slowly try to take points, it's like we have no shot...

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              23. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

              I can't say that I've figured out the deciding factors for clan war divisions either.  The current war has my 98 man, clan up against a 78 man clan, and a whole bunch of other clans with only mid to low 50 members.  I know from an activity standpoint my clan only has around 50 active members (still waiting on Christmas for the rest to come online) but we are easily beating the competition.

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                24. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                Yeah see, you have 50 active members, if we went against you then you'd definitely dominate. I wish there were smaller Platinum divisions for clans like mine, but I don't see it happening... So it looks like we'll only be able to win in Gold and below.

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                  25. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                  I've heard that people have been dropping all of their clan members before the war starts, to be placed with smaller clans...and then adding all of their players back after clan wars has started and they've already been placed. Please address this issue.


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                    26. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                    Their are two reasons that you are in a league with clans with many more members.


                    Clan wars placement counts for two things, active and inactive members, if your clan has 30 members active and inactive you will be placed into a clan division with equally matched player based clans.


                    However this also counts for the X box one, if you have friends in your clan on the x box one it will also count as a member for the 360 but is technically inactive as the XBOX one league is separate to the 360.

                    That Xbox one player will be gaining points on the Xbox one with your clan tag in divisions their but is basically dead weight in your 360 clan.


                    I will also point out he above statement regarding removing members and adding after jumping into the clan war is very true also clans are actively recruiting members while in clan to boost the key factor in victories (ACTIVITY)

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                      27. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                      I really can't believe that they released this in the first place.  I has so many problems, where do you begin?  The fact that you can't leave a lobby and go to another one without changing the game mode your playing is so Rainbow Six.  I can compare all of the problem with this game to problems that are in other on-line games, but the difference is that those games are 6 years old!!!  Who is doing their quality control?  Homer Simpson?  Did anyone test this thing before they released it?  I think this is the nail in the coffin for me and COD.  I don't know what I am going to play, but keep trying to give this game another chance, and it just keeps letting me down, and raising my blood pressure.  I am DONE!!!

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                        28. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                        They do have smaller divisions. We try and keep 18-22 members , by doing that we are still platinum and paired with other clans of the same size. The last war we  dominated with 500+ cp with over a 275 point margin. We try and keep a full lobby on for most of the day but between 2pm and 2am Is our best time as we have anywhere between 8-12 people on during those hours. We stay small because it keeps the wins to cap a node small , usually below 50. Then two pairs of six can knock another team off and cap with 8+ wins , 4 each. So for all of you saying it's impossible to cap this or that in a few hours are wrong. We have over70% win  and we can take a node in less than thirty minutes with two full lobbies.  6 of us last night knocked teams off of tdm,snd and Dom  abd took those nodes in less than three hours. We lost one game of snd was our only loss. Big party and winning  along with capping the highest value targets will win the war. We are currently at 290+  with a 130+ lead right now. And we don't get started till the weekend  because of work

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                          29. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                          I think that being smaller does help a lot.  I don't know yet from personal experience but the smaller clans do have the advantage of not needing as many wins to cap a node.  I've been playing in the 100 man clan arena and it's quite common for nodes to take 40, 60, or even 100+ wins to get a cap.  That's where things get really problematic if you don't have a lot of people working together towards a common goal.  Just imagine not getting the first cap and having to get 200 wins just to take a node.  It's pretty rough and takes a long time.  So I've been trimming my clan size down to cut out the guys that either don't play during the clan wars or just don't play much.  Hopefully, we'll get to enjoy capturing nodes that are more in the 50 and down range this next time.  We've faired rather well against the big boys but we should be able to wreck the smaller guys.

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