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        80. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

        I never hear anybody. The only time I ever heard anyone else was when a friend of mine and I were already in a private chat and when we signed on to play MP we could hear whomever was in the lobby talking-although it wasn't clear whether they could hear us. But when I go on by myself, it's radio silence. Is there a trick I don't know about?

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          81. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

          It depends whether anyone playing has a mic plugged in or not. Outside of SnD / SnR people are pretty quiet. At least until they get annoyed. One of us got a rage message last night whilst playing HCTDM, so we popped into game chat to poke fun at the rager (he was madbr0). He asked for our addresses so he could come and fight us, before telling us it was 'only a game'. I guarantee you Schwapj, your stealth approach is going to attract many screaming NO-SKILL CAMPER messages. Enjoy them. Causing butthurt is one of the most enjoyable facets of this game, nothing puts the finishing touch on a great game like enemy tears

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            82. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

            He was on our team when he raged about the tags (a common thing), in later games he was on the enemy team

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              83. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

              I think Blops has more comprehensive chat features than MW3, or at least the menus look different, so the situations might not transfer. OK, thanks!

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                84. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                it could be a millimeter scanner, thats how they see when your coming around corners

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                  85. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                  I know this is no longer front burner but for the sake of completeness, here is where I got the information:


                  Stupid question


                  And here is the exact quote:


                  "We have banned countless cheaters and with your help, we will ban countless more."

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                    86. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                    Yes, there are many cheaters like xxxbosxxx, time to quit game. I pay 200 $ to game and packs, but I cant play the game because of cheaters, thank you ACTIVISION.

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                      87. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                      Snotnose, I have never seen a more relevant post than this.  You're right to be suspicious.  I don't think the game is QUITE as overrun with hackers than MW3 yet, but it's narrowing close.  You see hackers being more successful in BO2 because the maps are smaller, so the hackers get more of a hold on players


                      - Aiming through walls
                      - Launching C4's and exploding them in players' faces before they get round the corner (happened to me today..)

                      - Grenading round corners

                      - Of course, pinpoint shooting through walls


                      Philla Killa, TRU11 etc. don't be pathetic - get real.  Who gets 50 kills on a regular, consistent basis on Team Deathmatch?  It's not impossible, but it is, quite frankly, extremely difficult on TDM, and with so many hackers it's almost impossible.  With so many hackers, saying this is easy is being unrealistic, and unfair to normal/skilled players, and dismissing the rarity of such scores is almost supporting hackers, suggesting that hackers are free to roam about, because 'players easily/often get 50 kills'??  Get real.


                      We should be strong against pathetic players who use hacks.

                      Too many real players are getting it tough because of weak minds.  Do not hide hackers - it's unfair.

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                        88. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                        Haven't seen a single cheater since Ghosts was released, I'm afraid. In fact, it's almost as if the game has gotten better now that some people have emigrated to Ghosts. You might think people are cheating now, but I suggest that you enjoy the experience while you can, because it won't take long until your favourite mode that isn't TDM is overrun by invisibility modders at 15th prestige in the only lobby you can find with it.

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                          89. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                          Just wait till Xmas, that's when all the cheating little kids will swarm the servers

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