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    Maybe a 2-year development cycle might result in better COD

      I know I'm dreaming when I suggest the idea of the devs for COD to change to 2-year development cycles for the game. Too much greed is getting in the way of the idea. But it might result in better, more stable releases of COD. The fact that lag keeps getting worse with each new release tells me there isn't much research and development along the lines of lag and matchmaking being carried out.


      I'm getting the impression that the devs have a secret death wish for the COD series with these ever worsening releases. I'd rather they spend the time testing the game online over long distances between players to make sure the lag comp isn't ruining the game experience. Or maybe the matchmaking needs an overhaul. Whatever is causing the same issues of lag and matchmaking, I wish they would figure it out and make the game play better before releasing it. Maybe a beta might be in order. But, something has to change. I can't see anyone putting up with a laggier and more unbalanced game when BO3 comes out.


      There needs to be a change in development if the devs expect us to continue to take the COD series seriously. I'd rather wait a few more months so the devs can fix known issues, then buy the game and spend the first three months playing frustrating match after frustrating match.