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    The Whole Game Needs Nerfed!!!

      First off, let me catch my breath from all the crying I was just doing...


      I was just playing earlier and another player killed me. WTF?!!! This is BS. I was using the same class I always use, and playing with the same playstyle I always use, and he killed me. I will not stand for this! If I can't win by not adapting to the game, and choosing my setups accordingly, then everyone else is a cheater! One guy killed me with a sniper rifle while prone from all the way across the map. That's camping!!! I got killed with another sniper rifle from some guy running around the corner at the same time I did, and he backed up and quick scoped me. CHEATER!!! Sniper rifles should be banned! Another time I wasn't watching where I was going and got killed by an IED. That is ridiculous! If I want to run in the open and kill another player, I should NOT have to be aware of my surroundings and die from some well placed explosive! Then a few minutes late someone shot me with a MSBS. I shot first an missed and missed and got 3 hit markers on his feet and he had a skilled aim and hit me with all 3 bullets and I died. That is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Another guy threw a C4 and detonated it in mid-air and it killed me. The IED, MSBS and C4 should all be banned!!! I also got killed by a guy with a riot shield. He kept smashing me and throwing C4 at me. When equipped with a riot shield he is invincible and has unlimited C4. No matter how many times I shot his shield I couldn't kill him. So I kept on going face to face with him and dying. That's my one and only strategy, and if that doesn't work, then the Riot Shield should be banned!!! I like to use SMGs and run and gun because that makes me cool, but every time I get into a medium-to-long range gun fight with someone using an assault rifle I get killed. That's utter BS. Assault rifles should be banned or nerfed so that they cannot kill me. Another guy killed me with a handgun. A handgun. I'm using an automatic rifle and he killed me with a handgun. I fired all the rounds in my clip at him and missed and only got hit markers, then he hid, and while I was reloading he came out and shot me. Again, BS. Nobody should be able to kill me with a smaller gun than I am using. And the game should get rid of reloading because I like to run out in the open all the time and blindly fire all of my ammo at people. The guns need unlimited ammo, and handguns need to be banned!!! And now let me cry for a minute, and move on to the killstreaks...

      I get killed by dogs all the time. That is BS. I hear them barking but don't know where they are and then I'm dead. The dogs should be highlighted on the screen so I can see them, and they should not be able to see me. Dogs need banned!!! I also got shop from a helicopter. That is not fair!!! Helicopters should be banned!!!

      Sorry, I can't write anymore. I'm crying too much.


      This is the list of items that need banned or nerfed so that I can win, and so nobody else can kill me:


      - All assault rifles

      - All shotguns

      - All sniper rifles

      - All marksman rifles

      - All handguns

      - Riot shield

      - All attachments (except the red dot, because that's what I use)

      - All perks

      - All killstreaks

      - All lethals

      - All tacticals


      - All players that have killed me before are cheaters, and should be banned.

      - All players with a higher K/D than me should be banned

      - No more clans allowed

      - Nobody on the enemy team can communicate with each other


      I will not change my play style or class setup, adapt to other players' setups, play tactically, play as a 'team player', be aware of my surroundings or accept a loss, so, this whole game needs to be nerfed to cater to me!!!