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    [xKS1] K1LL Squad 1  UK Clan .. Recruiting PS3/PS4 Platinum Division


      [PS3] [PS4] [UK] Clan


      K1LL Squad 1 Recruiting PS3 / PS4
      Friendly Bunch of OAP's .. Kicking up a fuss , having a laugh .. playing army whilst we put the world to rights.

      Platinum Division

      Members :38

      Clan Level 17

      Achievements :

      Folklore Nomore      

      Welcome to the Jungle                


      .Hardcore Only (Excluding Clan Wars)

      .Must be over 21

      .Must have headset

      .Must add clan members to friends list

      .Must take part in Clan Wars

      .Must be from UK & speak English

      If you wish to join search for K1LL Squad 1 on your Ghosts App

      or message/friend us on  for :

      ....PS3 PSN: acuk66    
      ....PS4 PSN: JIPsmoketimePEVA