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    The PS4 over XB1 that is my final decision, what is yours?

      Hello Gentlemen and Ladies.



      Over months of contemplating whether I wanted a console or not, especially the next-generation console(s) that just arrived this season, flip flopping between the two, doing tremendous amount of research, gathering data, and gathering insight from peoples' experiences, because they currently acquire either of the two game systems. And my final choice came down to choosing the Sony PlayStation 4; and sure it was not an easy decision for me to choose from. I hope you can alleviate with my position here and thank you in advance if you do support my decision. Furthermore, it really came down to 4 choices why I have chosen the PS4 over the XB1. My reason, is that of the game title exclusives, whatever that may be; additionally, 2) the PS4 game controller, I simply love it, something about is so peculiar and really distinctive aside from its predecessor or rival of the XB1 controller.  Once again, I simply love the PS4 controller, enough said. As well, 3) the PS4's Operating System - over Microsoft's ridiculous Windows 8 interface and DirectX 11.2. And I needed change, something different other than that same or similar operating system user interface. Including, the 4th final choice, is that of the optional camera that the Sony is offering, but not requiring us to have it, rather than the Microsoft's inbox addition of the Kinect 2.0 camera that is not really needed. Waste of money. 


      Finally, if you currently acquire the all new Sony PlayStation 4 console, what made you decide to choose the console over its rival, the Xbox One system, despite of the hardware specifications? What is your take on it?


      Best regards,


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