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    Dear Prestige Hackers:

      All of you have ruined the legitamite player name. EVERYTIME me or my friends go in a Ground war lobby, we get reported for "Boosting" or "Cheating" because we are accused of cheating our ranks. I am a master prestige on this game and my friend is a prestige 10 level 24. We got the game 3 days early and have been playing it all day/night. Then all of a sudden, we hear about hackers running around with fake ranks trying to pretend they are good.


      Let me explain something to you, hackers. You WILL be banned. You WILL face the consequences. And you WILL be reset. Unless you somehow decide to reset yourself to your original rank and realize what an idiot you are. (Which won't happen). Because thanks to you narrow minded kids with no effort to take the time to rank up, us legit players have to suffer from YOUR actions. You have two choices:


      1: Get banned/reset.


      2: Reset yourself to your original rank to avoid being banned or penalized in anyway.



      Your move.