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    Solo Origins Trying To Beat Personal Best (Round 50)


      Ok i finished the origins easter egg on round 19 then i got all nine perks by 24 i have build the shield at the wind tunnel (had it at the workshop when i did my round 50) i have not moved the box (i did move it on my round 50) so im not going to get those annoying firesales now


      My guns at 30 are the Boomhilda, Agrathan Reaper, and which ever staff i want for the round, i will switch out the Agrathan Reaper for the STG to carry on getting my headshots when im out of ammo but i will be using the lighting staff till that get weak which i found was about 47-50


      I just wanted to see if i can beat my Round 50 and if anyone would offer any advice or support thanks,

      as these forums are dead nowadays i just thought i would post this

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          Just a thought. Sometimes I build the shield at the tank station. Leave the tank at generator 2 so there is more room to just run through and grab a shield.

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            I am trying the same the same myself just now mate. Trying to hit 75+ on Origins solo. Only just actually started playing the map solo for the first time this past week or so. Pretty much gave up on the map the week after it came out. Did the EE then abandoned it due to disdain for the direction they took with the map and the overall disappointment of how zombies turned out in BO2 in general.


            My own strat is to have the EE done by 18-20 tops, but the raining fire step can be a make or break on that one. Also frustrating how long it can take sometimes waiting for the appropriate foot.


            I always build the shield at the wind tunnel as it is easiest to get to when training in the crazy place. I also get the 4 perks digs before I go down to the crazy place to run the game out. I always seem to mess up my games just now whenever I leave the crazy place. Either the Panzers get me, or I end up starting a round outside and end up dying.


            My best advice is to get the EE done as quickly as possible then go down to the crazy place and do not leave unless it is the end of a round and you have an uninjured zombie left. Preferably, don't leave at all.  would also seriously recommend you NEVER take Electric Cherry. For some reason, when you go down on solo while reloading, the zombies swarm your body in a circle, meaning as soon as you revive yourself they beat the sh*t out of you instantly, meaning no Jugg run.


            Good luck man.

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              im trying too find some players too play with on Origins i know all steps so thats not a problem.... i keep playing with quitters which makes playing pointless. i cannot find a good game anymore, someone goes down or dont get the shovel they quit. Or they spend all there cash at the box. im just looking bor people too play that wont quit


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                You need the ice staff and you can spawn trap the zombies in a few locations. If you want to get to high rounds this is the easiest and most effective way. You need a decent secondary like Ray Gun mark II or Boomhilda when dealing with Panzer Soldats.

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                  Best advice? Don't use the fire staff... Anyone that says they use that after round 60 has something fishy about their game... Fire staff crashes the game engine... Second best advice, as DBZen has said, do not use cherry coke unless you intend to never die, because a down after 65 with cherry coke brings on imminent game failure... At round 62 it took literally EVERY bullet from RayRay2.0 to kill one Z so I could squeeze out... Just remember Yoda's three rules of Zs and you should fare well...