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    Was the R870 MCS poorly thought out?

      --Repost from the Xbox forum--


      Hello. I want to talk to you about something that has been bugging me since the beginning of Black Ops 2, and although the game isn't as relevant nor is the problem as significant now, I do find it to be a problem whenever I play Black Ops 2, but anyway, onto my stance on the matter:


      The R870 is undeniably an easy shotgun to use, quite possibly the most easiest pump-action shotgun to use because it gets quick, easy kills and a relatively fast pump speed. This shotgun naturally gets a lot of hate, and has lead to numerous threads of various SMG/AR users complaining how it was 'overpowered' against how the one shotgun wonder 'shotgunners' who don't even make an effort to try and use a different shotgun before claiming they suck and moving back to the R870, while running out into wide open sightlines, hipfiring whoever they see. As a person who is close to Weapon Mastery, and has a shotgun which isn't the R870 in his top 5 (2482 kills with the M1216, 2449 kills with the R870, 1780 kills with the S12 and 1289 kills with the KSG), I feel like I could offer a fair, unbiased opinion on the R870 itself and how it reflects relative to the other weapons.


      But, I digress: I think this shotgun is too easy to use to justify its 1SK range. It draws far too quickly (even without Dexterity, with Dexterity it just becomes outright unfair), combined with laser sight hipfire, it kills far too quickly, requiring little effort to kill, should you even need to aim. I do feel Treyarch is moving in a good direction by making the shotguns more usable with each of their releases (There should be no excuse for weapons like the WaW Trench Gun or the MW3 pre-patch KSG-12, its modern-day IW equivalent), but pump action shotguns should reward precision and punish you should you balls up. Now it's turned into a cesspool of hipfiring your Dexterity laser sight 1SK weapon faster than most people can even react, with a somewhat decent pump firetime to ensure a second shot will hit should the first one miss. I did suggest, rather than a nerf, a complete rebalancing of the R870 elsewhere. I came to the conclusion that the R870 draws and kills far too quickly for the power it has, while remaining a sub-par weapon due to its inconsistencies. I stated that if they made the damage lower but increased the range, increased the hipfire spread, slowed the draw and ADS speed but tightened the pellets even more, it would still remain a competitive shotgun to use while reducing the bullsh*t deaths that would have occured, similar to how the BO Stakeout worked, but better. 1SK weapons have to be balanced properly, otherwise they can ruin the entire flow of the game (a la quickscoping, pre-patch Model 1887's akimbo) Without such a rebalancing, since the original R870 nerf, this weapon has become a frustrating and unfair weapon to face, used to pick up easy kills and ruin people's game with it (and that's when they're not sticking to CQC areas), similar to the MLC Tac Knife from MW2. Hipfiring with Dexterity kills far too fast and allows absolutely no time to react, with the ability to 2SK even at medium range, providing laser sight is used. This also means that the other shotguns are rendered obsolete and pointless, as they don't compare to the damage, quick pump and somewhat decent ADS range of the R870. However, it isn't particularly overwhelming to warrant a nerf of any sort, and without attachments it's a hitmarker machine. This is a very big problem, since there is no weapon that can counter the R870 outside of the R870 itself, and 'staying out of CQC areas' like some ignorant people suggest isn't that possible since the maps you see the R870 on work wonderfully with it, and you can't exactly fire back because it kills you too fast, and whether it kills you or not is not down to your skill but more down to luck. (I know the same could be said for any gun but there isn't a shining example like the R870.)


      So, my general verdict on the weapon is that it isn't overpowered per se, but there shouldn't be weapons that do what that can do.


      So, what do you think? Was the R870 poorly thought out? If you would, please provide reasonable responses rather than 'UHH ITS A SHOTUGN IT SHUD DO SHOTUGN RAENG'. Please stay civil in your responses. If you want to be a prick, then this isn't the place for it.



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