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    Heavy duty playlist has saved the game

      As much as we read complaining threads, its only fair to point out the positive about the game. I must admit implementing Heavy Duty playlist was a great move on IWs part, it seems like all the complaining about low-health and insta-kill actually got somewhere. I honestly can enjoy and play the game. I can rush as i am used to and play the objective, which is awesome. The games ive played in Heavy-duty are faster paced and it seems that players are moving around. In plain words, it feels like Call of Duty again. The health is set at a perfect level in which we can react to players that spot us first, and still have a chance. Higher accuracy wins again, not just the player that gets 2 shots in and sprays completely off. That won't work here.


      If you think about it the reason why players don't move in normal game modes is because they know if they take two steps they'll get dropped almost-instantly. Thus, making for a much slower/boring pace game.


      If only heavy duty was implemented across all game modes. But hey, one step at a time

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