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    (PS3, PS4)(Plat. Lvl 24) MYO Gaming seeks competitors and members for a unique community.

      Meet Your Owners – MYO




      Hey everyone, I'm Trav, owner of MYO gaming which stands for Meet Your Owners. Meet Your Owners is committed to refute the status quo. We are a group of friends that stand by each other and have each other's back through thick-and-thin, we just happen to play Call of Duty. Join us.


      We've been around for a while now and continue to succeed. We've seen a lot of members added to the roster along the way and even managed to pick up a sponsor. We have built and improved upon a website that, combined with other social media tools, allows us to take the clan to the next level in communication and strategy.



      We have MYO members from throughout the world but primarily we stick to EU and NA. Members from both continents give us advantages in gaming and clan wars that we leverage often. We sweat hard to win our Platinum clan wars, and in the offseason we typically hold community parties and internal competitions. We love our clan wars, but we also like to relax and destroy whoever challenges us in public lobbies.



      MYO recently let go of over a dozen members because of poor attitudes. We typically do pretty well screening our members so that guys stay with the clan for a long time. But as you all know there are, certainly in my opinion, unwritten rules to clan membership in the gaming community. You don't abandon your team, you don't blame others as you win and lose together, and you have each other's back at all times.



      If you want a community that respects all of its members then join with us. If you want a clan where you can create lasting friendships then join MYO. Here are a few stats on Meet Your Owners:


      Members: about 80

      KDR: 1.66

      W/L: 65%

      Minimum kdr required for recruits: 1.25

      Minimum age required for recruits: 16

      Recruits must participate actively on website and in clan wars.

      Also looking for MLG candidates for the competitive team.



      Register on our site at myoclan.com then apply by clicking the "Application Forms" tab. Don't apply directly to our clan using the app because you will not be accepted without first using the site. If you have questions add MYO_Trav in NA or Lieutenant_Focus in EU.

      Meet Your Owners is a lasting clan that is here to stay. We stand above our rivals in our closeness and commitment to the brand. If you want something more for your gaming experience don't hesitate to join the MYO team. Thanks for reading.



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