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    App crashing.. Lost everything.. Losing my mind.. Help!!!

      My previous discussion is locked so am now attempting to get this issue resolved by posting a new discussion.


      I have followed the steps recommended in the link below to no avail.


      Hi Tim,


      If you are still encountering an issue with Lost Islands please try the following Activision Support .  If you need additional assistance, a support phone number is also available within the article so an agent can assist you further.


      Regards ^AH



      I now get a Load Error 10 and a Load Error 13.  Incidentally I live in Australia so calling an international number for support assistance is ludicrous at best, I have already spent enough money on this game without spending more on international call costs.


      Where to now?  Can I have some assistance beyond the above?  If this cannot be rectified which seems to be the case, can I just have my money back as requested in the previous discussion thread.