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    why no kinect as a mic?

      please put it on? no one speaks on cod so it sure would help.. they used to speak all the time before party chat existed.

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          I've never set it up this way, but I'm pretty sure you can use the Kinect as a mic (mine's done that when it lost signal to the controller and then they could hear me through the Kinect). If you are suggesting that it should always be on and required then I have to disagree with you. Everyone needs to have the ability to turn it on or off and also have the option to play in Parties of friends or not. I purposefully play in party chat all the time because I don't really want to hear the childish conversations that occur amongst all the adults and kids in the game. People are rude, crude, and downright not fun to listen to and the game is much more fun for me to play in a quiet room or with talking with my friends who do NOT behave that way.  I for one am VERY glad the Party system exists.

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            you can do it, but its not very private, so people playing can here everything, not only do I not want everyone to hear all my business, I don't want to hear other peoples.


            When headset adapters get are on the market more people will chat, but sound whoring is more important.


            And I agree with LifeSony1, people on Xbox live are general knobs.

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                not being private is good and bad, it's annoying to hear some of the background noise, but I've also heard some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard in my life. I'm talking springer moments here lol.


                they really dropped the ball with adapters, I don't know who dropped the ball on that, but there is no excuse not to have adapters avail on the first week. I was told by turtle beach it would be march or April before I would get one. The support guy said he didn't have an actual release date so they were erring on the side of caution.

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                Another reason people aren't using their gaming headsets with the kinect mic is because for whatever reason the Xbone will adjust your game volume for you through your headset and make your parties conversation the forefront of what you are hearing. For those of us that enjoy running dead silence with amplify, you simply can't get out of our headsets what we paid for them. When the xbox starts adjusting sound levels of chat and game volume when there isn't any way to adjust it just gets frustrating.