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    Cheaters and Boosters - Anything Being Done?

      I seem to encounter a booster every other game these days. 1-3 days played time and 10th prestige with 100,000 average score per game! How are these people not banned?


      I might be ignorant in saying this, but is it hard to auto-ban these people, even if from the leaderboards only? Have a program search the leaderboards and ban anyone running over 10,000 average score over multiple games (impossible to achieve in my opinion), a negative total score or just negative stats in general, a score that is 100x higher than humanly possible. Even if you had an intern or player moderators that could ban/flag people, it would be better. I always report boosters when they are in my game, but I realistically feel like my report does nothing, and I am not the only one.


      I am not suggesting they be permanently banned from the game, but remove them permanent from the leaderboards. I look at the top 1000 players in score over all currently, all 1000 of them are boosted accounts. I would think that there would be a crack-down, but I am constantly seeing the same people at the top day after day.


      I guess what I am saying is, do you not care about the players that are trying to climb and enjoy being competitive? Sorry for the rant, but I feel like banning the most obvious boosters (98% of them) should be an extremely simple task. I have many friends that do not even bother buying the game because of the lack of support.


      Can I get any feedback on what the problem is here, and does anyone else feel the same way?

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          Yeah, boosters are lame, but it's crazy to me how some people care so much. I could NOT care less. It's a shame that the tac insert is gone just because of boosters. So they boost; Let them boost all day for all I care. Some people act like they're taking criminals off the street. LMFAO!!

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              When you have someone on your team who is spoonfeeding the enemy KEM strikes and Lokis to use against you, then you'd probably care. I honestly haven't come across any boosters or cheaters in this game, but that's probably because I only play Moshpit.

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                I don't believe I compared them to criminals at all? Did I say they should be arrested?


                Just because you do not care that boosters are ruining the leaderboards, does not mean that thousands of other players do not also. I understand the whole argument, "It doesn't directly affect me, why should I care?", but I guess it just grinds my gears to see people who believe they can cheat the system and get away with it.


                The moment companies stop caring about they legitimate player-base and allow boosters and hackers to get away with it is the moment where games stop becoming competitive and it because a race of who can cheat the system first to be on top.

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                    Xmitty wrote:


                    I don't believe I compared them to criminals at all? Did I say they should be arrested?

                    I didn't say you did. I said, "Some people..." - I stick by what I said too. It really does crack me up, the way SOME people go after boosters with such passion and waste so much of their own time tracking these guys down. IMO, these people are just as lame as the boosters themselves.

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                        Eh, it isn't a passion or anything. And it doesn't take much time. Considering many people play COD for hours on end, spending 10 minutes worrying about cheating isn't that much. I am sorry you are jaded against people who are against cheaters. I guess I don't understand why you would think people who want a cheat/hack free game experience are lame.

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                            Xmitty wrote:


                            Eh, it isn't a passion or anything.

                            Maybe you have a sense of balance, but...

                            I've been in these forums long enough to assure you that there is definite passion with some of these guys that stand against injustice and uphold all that is true by ridding us of these booster criminal-types.

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                      I agree that it should be pretty easy to remove the obviously boosted/hacked accounts from the leaderboards.  They don't affect me, or really bother me, but there is no point to the leaderboards if they are not cleaned up.  It's not like you really need to pay someone to actually monitor them.  Script it, remove obvious offenders from the boards, give them the chance to appeal.  Most won't bother as it's obvious from the stats they aren't legit.

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                        For a report to be valid, that means investigated AND banned a player must play the game against you AND cheat in that game. If you report him straight from the leaderboard for example that will NOT get him banned.


                        Activision gets 10s of thousands of reports a day and they dont have time to hunt down where they actually cheated in.


                        There is no auto ban. Every report is investigated by a person and if they have to work on one gamer for more than 20 to 30 seconds they will not ban him. It is not a simple task. They need actual evidence to ban a person.


                        Consider it like your neighbor smokes pot. Well if the cops investigate him and dont see pot on him (etc) then they cant arrest him.


                        They also do not ban people constantly, they handle it in waves, you can see that by the "why was I banned" threads in the forums.


                        And I doubt you get a booster in every other game, you may THINK you do but thats why they dont get banned because you THINK they boost. Every wrong report you file hurts your report rep and will put you at the bottom of the list. I have played since the game came out yet I have not seen a single booster. You want to know one reason why ? Because you dont have theater mode to prove it anymore. You just assume they were boosting.

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                            While I understand some of your points, the OP also has a valid point. They should easily be able to run a report of any player that earns more than X score per minute (or whatever the stat is that is entirely unrealistic and not humanly possible) and get that list of players. That is their proof. Investigate a few if needed (by monitoring some future games). Test the report before ever doing anything. Then, you have an automatic detection of those who are boosting. This can be done for Clans, it can be done for individuals. They have the data, they just aren't spending any time to create a system that can help detect those cheaters/boosters.


                            It doesn't catch everyone but it would catch the extreme cases. Personally I think they need another team that monitors all COD games and who's job is to monitor the players, handle all reports, and distribute the bans/punishments. Take that load off of IW/Treyarch. Make it so that they can come in and have specialized applications and reports that help them catch the people who are cheating/boosting. Have them track the proof. This team would not develop the games or anything and they would work with every COD game that is put out, not just every other one.

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                                But they still need to find out WHICH game they did it in. If they just guess then they have no proof. They need definite undeniable proof. Peroid. "XGamer boosted in this game on November 5th at 7:25 PM on Nuketown." Going by score per minute is not proof.


                                What if the scoring system was glitched because of the developers ? Would you be happy if they banned you because the scoring mechanism was glitched ?


                                So are you going to pay 100 dollars for a 60 dollar game so they can hire more people ? Where are they going to get the money to hire more people ? They dont HAVE to do anything. Read the back of the box next time before you buy it. They didnt before the security code came out in Black Ops. There was no policing COD before Black Ops came out.


                                There is no policing of games like GTA5 or BF4. We are lucky that they police the game at all. MW2 the hacks lasted for an entire year and a half.


                                As for the security code not working people back in Black Ops days got banned for cheating and they didnt even cheat. They actually had to reset the players to unbanned. And why was that ? Because the security software said that they cheated.


                                They police every single game for two years and thats it. We dont pay them for an online service to use their game. We pay them 60 dollars for the software use and thats it. We pay MICROSOFT for the service hence the reason they spend 24 hours a day policing Xbox Live, but their turn doesnt come up for two years.


                                Look thru the years and you will find every COD has boosters and cheaters at the top of the leaderboards but you still keep buying their games.


                                Why dont they hired more cops and get rid off all the crime ? How long has it been since you saw TWO cops in the same cop car ? There are cops patrolling 24 hours a day out their yet there is still crime ? Now why is that ? There is a thing called fantasy and a thing called reality. What SHOULD be done rarely ever happens when it comes to money.


                                BTW I highly doubt the OP went thru each and every one of the "1000 Gamertags" that were cheating on the top of the leaderboards. That alone would take weeks to do.


                                As for some of the stupid ones at the top of the leaderboards whose Bios say stuff like "Paypal payments only " and a detailed description of the mods they offer in their bio I would report them directly to Xbox Live for violation of XBL policy for using the console as a commercial venture. MS will instantly ban them from Xbox Live, you dont need to play against them.  . If you dont report them to Xbox Live then they cant do anything about it. And for reference I just reported about 10 out of 50 to XBL.


                                It is funny though that most of them look like they just got the game on Christmas And will probably be banned after a week. Thats IF some people have the guts to actually report them the proper way. Not posting a complaint that the policing team will never read.

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                                I don't understand how people are comparing this to actual illegal events that take place in real life. It's not even comparable.


                                As for going through the top 1000, it took about 5 minutes. Go to leaderboards, go to "All", go to "Top", and scroll down by a page. These people are averaging 50,000 - 100,000 average points per game. Many are 6th+ prestige with under 2 days played time. Now, if you know a legitimate way to do this, please let the rest of us know.


                                As for the argument that we don't play them for an online service to use their game, that is not the point. They point is that a company should care about their product and customers (Business 101). If they ignore the toxic players ruining others experiences, it's just a shot in the face to people who disagree with cheating.

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                                    Going thru and LOOKING at their names on the top of the leaderboards doesnt prove they cheated. It only showed their scores are messed up. They could be messed up by the game actually glitching by the fault of the developers themselves , they could be messed up by them actually hacking the leaderboards, they could be messed up by an event caused by them actually hacking the game itself and it becomes a by-product on the leaderboards. But you need to actually prove WHERE they hacked the game, or WHERE they cheated. They have to follow the same basic procedures as the Policy Team of Xbox Live and PROVE where they cheated. So did you track down WHERE they cheated or did you just assume that they cheated ? You got the actual game that they played that they hacked to get that score ? Just because a player has 2 billion points or negative 2 billion points doesnt mean he played multiple games to cheat. You will notice that some of them have played NONE.


                                    All that OUR job is is to report them that is it. Period. Its not our job to judge them. Just like I said in my second post people have gotten banned WRONGLY because Activision ASSUMED they cheated. Like for example when Mattiks banned a player for having too many plants/ defuses in a game. He had to apologize and unban that player. That issue wasnt even handled on this site. If you look hard enough you can find posts all over the web on that one.


                                    A company does care about their product. It shows by the people posting "Why was I banned" threads on the message boards. Are they able to ban everybody you want banned ? No. Welcome to the imperfect world that is life. Report them and get on with your life.


                                    As I said cops are not able to catch every criminal out there . And we PAY taxes for their service. But something as minor as cheaters in a video game where are they going to get the money to track them all down ? AGAIN when it comes down to money people dont get what they SHOULD. You dont like the way they are policing their game then dont buy it. You act like this is the first game in the world with people that cheat. AGAIN this is not the first COD game where the leaderboards are hacked so why act like it is. Business 101 is not reality, sometimes you have to stretch out the issue or bend the rules. Sometime because of money things dont work as planned. If finding a solution eats into the profits then you find a different way to solve the problem or leave it run. When you are a corporation and solution A costs more than solution B then you go with solution B no matter how stupid it is. If leaving some cheaters on the leaderboards pisses of only 100 people who will never buy the game anymore than they will be able to easily round up another 100 new gamers. Cheaters arent the only reason that people leave the game for good and wont be the last. Its impossible to make every single player happy.


                                    You think Business 101 is to take care of the customers then you are deluding yourself. First rule of business is to make a profit. Your perception of how a business should run written on paper is not the reality of how business actually goes. There is reality and there is fantasy. Start living in reality. Follow procedure , report them then move on with your life. Do the smart thing and report them to Xbox Live where they ARE going to get banned within 24 hours. That is if you got a clean reporting rep. But the ones that they cant prove in less than 30 seconds WHERE they cheated dont expect them to be banned. As I said before they WOULD ban every single player if you were willing to pay 100 dollars for a 60 dollar game.


                                    People were complaining nothing gets done about the cheaters, and meanwhile everyone of the ignored the fact there were "why was I banned" threads all over the place. Sometimes these things take time. Some of them cheated at Christmas time but they arent going to get banned by New Years, they still got two months worth of backlog to work thru. These cheaters werent the first ones in line to cheat.


                                    BTW there arent 1000 cheaters on the top of the leaderboards , there are around 138 with hacked scores and some of them repeat themselves. But to make you happy why dont they just ban all 1000 of them all just to make you happy.


                                    I can bet if you came up with the place where you worked we can find where your company doesnt follow your "Business 101" plan.

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                                        I understand where you are coming from, but I also know something should be done. If not ban, then just reset their stats or temporarily hide them from the leaderboards. Considering the a few top people on the leaderboards have Boost in their name tells me plenty about them, but I understand that not everyone in the top 1000 is intentionally cheating, some may have accidentally got into a lobby and got a kill before realizing what happened.


                                        We both agree that there is no blanket solution. That is given. But I believe something should be done, rather than nothing. I don't think you disagree there. It just feels like, in my opinion, that any progress that I make in the game can be outdone by cheaters, who seem to get away with it from what I can tell. I understand this is just a game, and many people take my correct grammar and spelling as being a freak who cares too deeply about it, but that isn't true at all. I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my concern and wanted to know if anyone else felt the same way.


                                        I choose to not take the standpoint of cheaters will be cheaters and will always be there and the company is not responsible for them and can not catch them all. I choose to believe that they should invest either time or money into making the best game possible, and that should include some moderation of leaderboards. As I mentioned earlier, not necessarily a ban, but temporarily hide them from the leaderboards until someone can review it. Maybe even make it easy to report a glitched score through an in-game mechanic or online. Who knows? There are hundreds of solutions.


                                        Is my opinion foul-proof? Definitely not. There are so many ways to tackle this, but I feel like the current methods are not good enough.


                                        I don't understand why you are making this personal considering I was just suggesting that boosting was out of hand, but I work in the restaurant industry as an Assistant General Manager. The number one priority is that the customer comes first. Always. There are no delusions here friend. If they want to sit in a closed section, they can. If they want special food made and we have the ingredients, they can. The customer comes in expecting good food and good service, and we give it to them. I'm not saying they aren't always wrong, but if we don't treat them with respect we don't have any business. I was in a rush so my Business 101 comment was given quickly without explanation, leaving it open for an easy attack. I'm not ignorant enough to assume that taking care of customers is all it takes and to hell with the rest. Give me your email address and I'll be happy to provide you with my business card. You can come in and see for yourself! =D

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                                            A lot of experience with restaurants. Give you an example.


                                            Went to Applebees. Ordered the cheese steak with 4 different cheeses. When the sandwich came out it had ONLY liquid blue cheese on it. Now was that 4 different cheeses ? No. Did the manager ARGUE with me that it included 4 different cheeses. Yes. Did I have to fight not to pay for it because I couldnt eat it ? Yes. I even told him that I was going to sit there and not reach for my wallet so he might as well call the cops. This was at an Applebees with NO customers in there at 5:30. Did that restaurant close down. Damn straight. Not cause of my issue, but I am sure you know how he probably ran his business. With cooks that had no idea how to even boil an egg, much less cook a decent meal. No wonder there was no business.


                                            Letting your customers sit in the closed section cost you no money. Treating your customers with respect costs you now money. But hiring more staff costs you more money. But they are some Business 101 practices that you KNOW as a manager you cant do because it will cost you money, like for example hiring extra waitstaff or more cooks for the rushes so you have to sometimes work on a bare minimum staff. But you dint pay for a service. You paid for a product. Actually you didnt actaully pay for a product either. You paid for a right to use the product. Any of the service you get is just an addon of the product your recieved. They DO police their game. But they dont police it enough for your high standards. I bet if I were to look at your restaurant you will get a percentage of unhappy customers that "wont eat there again" as well as your threat of your freinds not buying the game. But AGAIN you keep buying it . If I were for example to go to your restaurant I might get bad service and no longer wish to eat there. Because there in NO way will you be able to keep all of your customers. Perhaps they might take something off the menu. Well did they care about those three or four (or ten) customers that loved that meal ? No. You cant just come in here expecting every single customer out of 10 million to be satisfied, its impossible. I bet if you had 10 million customers come in to your restaurant you wouldnt be able to keep all of them happy.


                                            What you got wasnt bad treatment. You are acting like they met you at the door , grabbed you at the collar, told you to sit down, and force fed you the meal. When all they really are doing is more like you just got a little too much salt in your soup. They are running around making the game better for the overall consumer, they didnt just abandon it like they did MW2 or like some other developers that decide they were no longer going to support their game after a month of release.


                                            Reason I am so argumentative here is because even though the moderators havent shut down your thread I feel it still shouldnt be here. Nothing personal but there are hundreds of threads like this.There is a thing called spam and it this forum it mean topics that are overlydiscussed repeated topic that go on and on about the same old thing. To me you didnt need to start a brand new topic. You could have easily added your thoughts to another topic.


                                            You not only are asking for some opinions you are attacking the policies of something you know nothing about. When you attack something you know nothing about , expect some negative feedback. We all are on the outside looking in. We have no idea what the policies of Activision is beyond what they put on their site. But me myself have experience in Policing Procedures and know how bad it really is on the inside from the policing end of the policy. Its like a cop who KNOWS 100 percent that the perp on the other side of the door has drugs but you cant enter his property when he is not home because he has rights and you need a warrant. Many times I wanted to clock in and instantly ban those perps that boosted or cheated or modded their games but I still need to follow procedure.


                                            If someone in you restaurant is eating all your  crackers are you going to fire 5 people you THINK are eating them or are you going to wait for actual evidence. Well it takes time to get the evidence. Sure a case of crackers disappears every month but you still need time to catch him in the act. See the post below about an example.


                                            Cheaters frustrate me too. But as you said they cant catch everybody. And in this case they cant catch alll the people on the leaderboards. They tried it in the past and got burned for wrong accusation. Reason you see the same names on the leaderboard is not because they are getting reset and boosted again. Its because they havent been removed yet. Key word is YET. And if some of them slip thru the cracks, just like in REAL life criminals will slip thru the cracks and never get caught. THAT is why the comparison to crime was originally used (I think, but thats why I am bringing up that comparison) . The comparison is still that its wrong just like someone simply eating an apple when grocery shopping. Its still wrong but they very likely will get away with it. Its not like they arent banning ANYBODY. They are banning people. Proof is out there.


                                            Now the 1000 people you mention are out of about 10 million gamers total. That is a VERY small percentage of about 1 out of 1000. So can you make sure that every single person out of your thousand customers dont complain ? Sure you can kiss up (no offence) to them and offer them the kings treatment when they come in but not every person will be satisfied. So in your theory you didnt do a good job because not 100 percent of your clientele was satisfied.


                                            Perhaps the mods are on Xmas vacation but they normally lock these threads with something like "I can understand how frustrating cheaters can be but we cannot do anything from the forums. Please report in game."


                                            boosting is out of hand in EVERY COD game . So what makes this one any different ? You are still going to buy the next COD and thats going to have the same thing. So when are you going to stop going to this bad restaurant where the same thing happens every time.


                                            you wanted feedback and I am giving you feedback. OH and BTW because the people in past games filed so many false reports they dont treat the reports like MS does, which is all in about 1 day anymore. They wait until (assuming like last games) around 5 people randomly report the same person. Could be 10 reports , we dont know the numbers. But from multiple experiences with knowing past employees who worked on it they had to find some way to streamline it. For example if you and I were the only two to report people they probably wont look at the report. You can blame all the "streamlined reporting system" on the people who stupidly report people just because they got their asses whooped.


                                            I agree with what you say but it only works on paper, not in reality. When you schedule 10 waitstaff it looks good on paper, your covered for the shift. But how many times have you made that schedule and someone doesnt show up or calls out sick. And as a AGM you know you only preach that the customer comes first but you only follow it when the customer is around.


                                            sorry for the long post but I like to talk sometimes, and thank god I am healing from health issues and able to concentrate a little more.

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                                      Clan War boosting is getting out of hand....

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                                        I dont believe Ive seen any boosting in Ghosts  so far. I have been playing for 6 weeks now. No tacs so I dont see how they would. Meaning boosting is what lazy kids do and taking away the tacs makes them put more effort into it than its worth. 

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                                          I have not heard of any hacking/modding on the X1. Just wondering if anyone knows of any?

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                                              The closest I have seen to boosting was a FFA match. He was young and pretty much begged all of us to let him get his knife kills for the patch. It didn't work out for him lol.


                                              To the op, the top thousand prob aren't boosting id say hacking is the culperate. Just look at the board lol, one guy has an average score of 16 million, is it even possible to get that in a game. Simple solution for iw would be to figure what the max score of a game could be, and then write a script that would remove anyone with an average score higher than that. Won't happen but it wouldn't take to much effort.


                                              personally if they were to hire more people I would hope they would skip boosters and fix the spawns, I would sacrifice my cat to the game gods if they would fix these spawns. Lol yes a sore subject got spawn killed about 20 times today while playing. And then they can fix people ability to hack the game in the first place.


                                              just my 2 cents.

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                                                In short, there are modded lobbies (I'm not 100% sure how they make them, but you could google it). People join, get a kill, get like 1,000,000 xp per kill and insta-prestige. They quit, pick a different soldier, and repeat.


                                                Some people can even hack the leaderboards themselves. The #1 guy in the world has 0 on every stat.

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                                                    Thanks mate    I'm more than aware of the infected lobbies on other platforms. But, yet to come across anyone saying they have been part of an infected lobby on the X1.

                                                    As a result of this thread I checked out the leaderboard (score) - what a shame. I noticed no.1 in the world obviously has a few accounts - and seems as though he is one of the sources of such hacking. Well I did what I thought best and reported him via Xbox with a little message attached to xbox. A few more people do the same and he shall have his console banned.

                                                    No sympathy from me. I do have sympathy thou for innocent gamers who have their stats ruined due to the great unwashed.

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                                                      no one care about this game i was on hc domination rank1 but some people making xp lobbys and if u report them nothings happen

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                                                    Thought of this when I was working out in the garage as an example.


                                                    Suppose you see a Gamertag "JoeSchmo" with a blue Avatar. Is it easy to see that its a violation ? Yes.


                                                    But now consider this. If you were a PET at Microsoft and you saw that would you ban him outright ? No. Policy states you must find out details.


                                                    So you look thru his history and see that he changed his Avatar to blue on July 10th 2012. Do you ban him yet ? No you cannot. You need to prove he was at fault. So you look thru his history and see he filed an Unauthorized Access that turned out to be true and the UA was from June 8th to June 12th.


                                                    So should he be banned ? No.


                                                    I know how frustrating it can be to see people on the leaderboards that modded games. Like some of those people on the leaderboards with the same basic name. They stand out like a sore thumb.Just as stupid as the people that passed the "Gamertag review test" that have violations in their names or the people that have Bios where they are selling game mods in their Bio. But they can only do so much.


                                                    Another example. Some of you who might have had a job working for a subsidiary of Apple (my second job experience ). You might remember how you had two seconds of listening to a "snippet" of someone saying "my phone broke" before you had to click that menu button saying Tech Support. You may remember how you had to go thru 200 snippets an hour to keep your job, etc. Well thats probably all time that Activision probably has.


                                                    They are doing their job. The forum shows it. But do they have enough people to keep up with it ? No and they never will. Just like every job out there like the guy who dropped out of high school who works at Subway alone during dinner rush because the manager is too cheap to hire help. Barely anyplace in this world has excellent service or quality. Its just the way things are. No one is going to go around as Micheal Knight and change the world for us.


                                                    This isnt anything new and trust me. Buying or NOT buying the game isnt going to stop them and is a thinly veiled threat. They dont care this year just like the other 8 years this series has been out. They do what they feel they need to do because it is THEIR game. Putting up another thread like all the others who complain about the same thing isnt going to make them work any harder or any faster. IF they get to it , great. If they dont does it really matter in the big gaming scheme of things ? No one is going to pass up others for a job position because you got to the top of the leaderboards. And if the guy in the sack race who cheated still gets the trophy whining about him cheating is not going to get you the trophy. People cheat everyday and they probably sleep well at night laughing their asses off before they go to bed. Does it bother me ? No. I play and live legit and am proud of myself for living that way. Let the cheaters cheat. When it comes down to it they cant cut it without cheating.

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                                                      Just to make you feel better, even soliciting mods will get you console banned. I will PM you OP if one of the ones I reported post in the XBL forums..


                                                      Console ban are you serious? - 09 - Xbox 360 Account Suspensions & Console Bans - Xbox 360 Support - Xbox.com Forums - X…


                                                      Those forums are funny and MS does not mess around.

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                                                        In game I haven't noticed anything on xone. If your using the leaderboards to judge, don't. Those have ALWAYS been messed up in all the CoD's I have ever played.

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                                                          Identifying Boosters is easy code wise. There is an average number of times 1 player may kill any other payer in the game if you look at all the stats. That number will be a low average since your playing against hundres of thousands of people. If a person has 10x the average number of kills vs a single player in a single day, thier boosting. Either thier too lazy, just dont care, or want it to be possible.

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                                                              Actually they arent lazy and DO care.


                                                              Give you one well known example.


                                                              About two years ago one of their "flags" went off marking a player as a booster. One of the PETs assumed that just because he got 30 plants in a game they boosted.


                                                              The player got banned. Two weeks later after the player brought Microsoft into it to look at his stats it was shown he got 30 plants LEGIT. They had to unban him and they apologized online to the player for banning him.



                                                              So no an "auto system" would not work. So nope didnt work before.


                                                              You are acting like just because your neighbor smokes pot and never gets arrested that the cops let him get away with it. And it doesnt mean they condone it.

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                                                              To be honest they (BOOSTERS) are here and nothing will be done.I dont care what level they are the stuff they have as long as i know that i earned everything that i have honestly